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Do Fiverr Sellers Know This Or Was I Lied To

I have a question …I hired somebody to help me design a website through Fiverr and I had some issues with communication.

I’m very strong on communicating and helping even though I’m the customer needing design work I’ve noticed that when I am looking to hire somebody they answer right away within a minute or 2 but once he was hired his green light went out on the chat box. I don’t hear from him for a day or sometimes 2 days. I finally got a reply 30 hours later saying " I am now starting your project" and I will keep you updated. Well 10 hours later. I look into my account and he hadn’t logged in since Sunday just past noon. And he never updated me as to why.

I was able to cancel my order. He didn’t log into my shopify accept to sign in and make a password.

He reluctantly agreed to refund me but told me that I would lose $80 because Fiverr will hold back 80 of my money due to cancellations . I hated canceling my order with him but he promised me something and not deliver and WAS TERRIBLE with communication. I feel he misinformed me that I will lose $80 if I cancel was a tactic to not cancel my project with him.

Today when I messaged him about not logging into my account, I waited 20 minutes for him to reply and see why, and he didn’t reply, I then decided it is time to file the refund request and within 2 minutes BAM… he magically appears "online” and messages me…

I was lied to I had poor communication

he WITHIN 2 MINUTES messages me when I canceled his gig with me.

And then tried to tell me I will lose 80dollars

why would a Fiverr seller do this??

his stats are over 17 gigs 4.9 rating

This looked trustworthy to me and well it wasn’t… any comments are appreciated


Unless my buyers ask me a question or ask me to update them, I do not contact them during the completion of an order until I deliver. It could be misconstrued as spamming if the seller continually messages you, especially if they have all the requirements to complete the gig.

I believe before January 1st, the website kept service fees for refunded orders, but if I understand the TOS correctly, you get them back now.


Not if you have an open order with someone it’s not spamming. It’s considered good customer service. I don’t mean continually but a reasonable amount to keep your buyer informed about the progress.


He is irresponsible. Why? Just his nature. He is a bad seller. Some people are not suitable to be self employed and need a strict boss to direct them.

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That’s really good to know! I’ve been very careful with it, as I was concerned it could be viewed as spamming if they were not asking for updates.

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I don’t mean to judge. But we don’t know the sellers story and to be honest it looks like you are just overreacting.

“He didn’t respond for 30 hours. 10 hours later he didn’t give an update”. That seems a bit too demanding.
We have order timelines and on top of that you might have time difference with a seller. I don’t think that he need to report every 10 hours what is he doing, if he is sleeping or working on your project.

I prefer to spend time WORKING and deliverying quality work instead of giving updates to all my clients every couple of hours. If I will try to give an update to all my clients I wouldn’t have time to work and complete their tasks anymore.

Also bare in mind that we have queue of orders and sellers doesn’t have to start working on your order imidiatelly. They can start on the 5th day out of 10 days if they still can deliver it within order timeline.

So without hearing sellers side and only reading your part it seems that you have very unrealistic expectations.


This is strange. I had cancellations too but Fiverr don’t hold anything as far as my experience is concerned.

It’s really not hard or time consuming to drop them a message saying I plan to start your order today, or I will start now and give you an update tomorrow. I know that as a buyer I would appreciate that a lot.

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To me also, you are very correct. The seller might have his own reasons. Beside that, since the delivery time is not yet lapse, the seller might finish your job some hours before delivery time. As a buyer, the job you think might take days, might be an hour job for the seller because it is their job.
May be or may be not, you canceled the order too soon.

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thats right then what happens when 10 + hours go by after they say I STARTING NOW… NO WORRIES… then you check your shopify log in and see THEY NEVER SIGNED IN… that was my point then I asked was all ok… I waited 30 min no response. This went on 2 or 3 times BUT I cancel my order and WOW SURPRISE in 2 minutes he messages me… THAT IS WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE… I wasn’t being annoying either I actually did 3 of the pages to lighten his load and thats what I messaged the previous day and nothing not even a THANKS…


I think he did what he promised and delivered on time.

About the $80, it will be refunded to your Fiverr balance so you can purchase from Fiverr but it won’t be a refund as getting the cash back. So it’s a partial lie.

He failed to understand the buyer and you failed to understand the seller.

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I had the same issues with a buyer, the work was too technical and had to spend the first 3 days planning for it. The order time was 30 days. The buyer cancelled the order on the third day after i told him i was through with planning the design and was ready for coding the software.
From there i learnt to tell buyers that

  • I will update them on major milestones .
  • I will reach to them when i encounter a problem that they can be of help.

I provide 4 days deliveries only, my buyers are aware of it and I prioritize the orders and do them in a way I see fit in that timeframe. Me being online/offline or the time I start to work on any given project is up to me as long as the work is delivered on time and in full. I’m not sure how any of this is a concern.

If you bought something with, say, 4 days delivery and the seller started to work on it 30 hours in, it’s reasonable, within their right and doesn’t require an explanation.

NOW, if you agreed you’ll be receiving regular updates and haven’t heard from the person since you have every right to cancel the order and receive a full refund (minus the fee). Given how important the time/updates are to you, I’d inform any potential seller about it so you have a better chance finding a person that fits your needs in that regard.


And another point to consider: even fiverr saying that they are cancelling orders only if seller is unresponsive for more than 3 days. (For sure not 30 hours. And he did give an update that he will start working on it)


I noticed that sometimes buyers come in with expectations that would be more appropriate for an hourly contract agreement, not a fixed price one time job.

If I’m being paid hourly, I can plan, discuss, update, brainstorm and so on but if I’m not, there is a brief to fill out and there is a deadline to accept and that’s it. Unless, again – disclaimer! – it was discussed beforehand that frequent updates were a must and I confirmed I would be providing them.

Also, if a buyer is monitoring me being online/offline, it’s a red flag based purely on previous experiences.


Assuming this is the actual question from the title, sellers should know that a refund, if it happens, means that the buyer will be refunded the money paid (used to be minus Fiverr’s fee of $2 for orders up to $40/5% for orders over $40), in form of Fiverr balance, unless they contact support to arrange a refund to their payment source.
Just like Fiverr buyers should know that because it’s in the terms which all users agree to when registering an account.
If they do know it, though, is another question.

As you didn’t mention the order amount, in case the buyer fee (the 5% that Fiverr adds to the amount the seller asks for) of your order was $80, then it could be that the seller gave you a correct information - unless this changed recently, as I think someone mentioned and now Fiverr refunds the whole amount including the fee refunded. As not everyone re-reads the terms of service all the time, it’s possible that your seller wasn’t aware of that.


He should get a TOS warning for trying to trick the system. That was a manipulation as well as a lie.

NOW, if you agreed you’ll be receiving regular updates and haven’t heard from the person since you have every right to cancel <<<YES… I was told once a day I would get a update even if nothing was done I would at least have a message… and I DIIDNT get any messages.He also said he would start RIGHT AWAY that evening.I gave him 24 hours and no log in!! so that is why I was not happy

I have not bought here but need help, so this is good to know. As for me, even though it is the virtual world, Normal Communication is nothing like spam. It is called communication. I was very disappointed in a recent new ecommerce built, not here but in the virtual world. I think social media has thrown normal communication in the trash. People seem very programmed on emojis also why is that?

Thats tough… I would be completely frustrated as well!