Do forum moderators have salary?


Just curious do moderators get salary from fiverr?
do fiverr pay forum moderators for doing all hard work ?



No - as far as I’m aware all the moderators are unpaid and do it out of the goodness of their hearts. :purple_heart::hearts::blue_heart:


If this i true, they either lots of free time to kill, or really enthusiastic about Fiverr! Either way, big thumbs up for them, we love you guys!


I’m amazed by our Moderation Team, the amount of work they put in daily is just remarkable. Keep in mind they are all (Sellers) so their hands are full. As @offlinehelpers stated they are UNPAID (volunteers) making our Community clean & tidy and respectful for all. :tada:

Thank you, Mods! :tropical_drink:


Wait, what?
I was led to believe that there would be like a keychain or something?
Typical Fiverr, moving the goalposts after the fact…


@eoinfinnegan Here you go:


Couldnt even make it green?
Come on…
That’s a one star cert at best - I demand you revise it.



You are halfway to the fiverr tote bag.


Pssst, discobot said you might get the Green Beard Mod Keychain once you hit the secret mod evaluation criteria.

One of the criteria, alas, may be that you have to go and get your beard tinted green in a salon and edit your profile and gig images to match. :smile:


Are you green with envy Mr. @eoinfinnegan? :grin:

Here ya go a lucky HAPPY :four_leaf_clover: dance. Coz you work hard.

@newsmike join the party! Riverdance stuff! :joy:


Oh, Miss Crystal. Eoin is so damn picky lol.

Great certs btw! :rofl:


So I have the same question about River Dance as I do about soccer. “Why don’t they use their arms?”


Not sure about Riverdance, could be some ancient Irish martial art, but soccer is supposed to bring peace, thus no arms. And yellow and red cards. :eyes:


That seems to have gone quite the other way. :rofl:

Here in the states we will have none of it. We have the courtesy to wait till we get to the parking lot, and then start shooting at each other.


Yeah, peace moves in mysterious ways.


Your keychain thingy looks like a Woolly beast or :cat: of some kind. :grin:

Million dollar question.

Coz they like to show off their distinctive posture? A good strong back and legs are what makes these lads & ladies super special!

Don’t worry, one day you’ll get to dance like them.


Hah, two more terms for the topic that was asking for terms you won´t find with Fiverr search. Time for a “Riverdance” and “Irish Dance” gig, Eoin. But don´t neglect your mod duties while you´re at it. Remember the cert, keychain and tote bag.


These certificates are epic! Do you have a gig for making certificates?

haha :wink:


They are so close to each other it would be dangerous.

I don’t see any heavy ones.