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Do gig extras count towards your level badges? [RESOLVED]

Like if I need 3 more sales to reach level 1. If someone purchases 1 gig and 2 gig extras. Will that count as 3 gigs all together? Hopefully I explained it clearly.

It will be counted as 1 gig only! :slight_smile:

Why I don get any order??/ Please help me. ********** [links are for My Fiverr Gigs only]

my strategy for upgrading to level 1 fast (i formally started from 24 aug and got level 1 status in first week of sep)

included this instead of gig extras
for this service, order two times etc
if a buyer contacted me before order, i made understanding to buy gig instead of tipping or using gig extra.

HI je_graphics, Gig extra cannot be count. Your order with gig extra will be counted as only one order.Thanks

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