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Do gig views and impressions increase when the seller views their own gigs?


I might be sounding like a totally dumb person but this doubt is bothering me for quite some time. Does viewing your own gig by any method amount to gig views or page views?

Thanks in advance.


For each time you view your own gig, it does count as a view.


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How do you know?
Thanks btw!


What do you mean?

  1. I’ve been doing this for years on fiverr, and watch those things like a hawk, and

  2. I know the way that the views are determined does not differentiate between your browser and anyone else’s browser. The site doesn’t monitor exactly who each person is who views the gig.

Your page view or gig view looks like anyone else’s pageview to the system that counts views.


I’d thought so. Thanks for clearing my doubt. :blush:


No, it does not. …


Why wouldn’t it? Aren’t those pageviews?


yes agree with you:grinning:


Does it really matter? How many times would you want to look at your own gig? :wink:


Recently I had a paused gig I unpaused and viewed about five times and there were five new pageviews that showed up. This is not something new to me, as a former website developer.


No , it doesn’t count a view, if it is viewed by own .


When I was creating, editing, and re-creating my gigs, but before I published them, I was showing page views from my activity of returning to edit them, but no impressions. I am assuming that some of the impressions post publication were from when I was checking to see if it showed up in a search.


Impressions probably only show up when the gig is live on the site, and that can take a day sometimes to populate.


Such systems can distinguish between organic search and false search.


Fiverr isn’t google and we aren’t talking about SEO.


Even Fiverr knows which is organic view which is not. Similar algorithm.


So you think looking at your own gig isn’t organic? So you think that fiverr thinks you are a bot?


Yes, I think it does not count as a new view.