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Do gigs have to be sold exclusively on fiverr?

I’ve always kept all my gigs exclusive to fiverr and will do so as long as sales are happening. But does anything forbid us from expanding our business?

The fact that you can’t have any communication with your buyers outside of fiverr would seem to forbid you from “expanding” your business.

Yes, I know that as I have to remind people about that rule about 4 times a day.

But in the case that a seller creates their own shop and starts to promote it on their own (Not here), buyers would naturally originate from elsewhere than fiverr, like google and facebook.

Yes, that makes sense, Lynx. So if they aren’t getting suspended for doing voice acting outside of fiverr as well, then it should be OK for a seller to offer their gigs (content) elsewhere too for any price they like.

Different price, description, gig specific policy, different gig extras, change any of those when selling a service elsewhere and your fiverr gig is still exclusive.

Thats how i interpret the policy!