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Do Higher Seller Levels Recieve Faster Payouts?

New Seller here, hoping to gain some insight from active Sellers on the platform — info that I haven’t been able find searching on Google.

My primary questions are around the Seller payment system here:

  1. are Seller fees always 20%? Do Higher Seller Levels/Ranks offer better splits?

  2. are payouts always held for 2 weeks? Again, do Higher Seller Levels/Ranks offer faster payouts?

Apologies if these seem like stupid questions, but the Seller Dashboard is terribly designed, as it gives you these supposed “benchmarks” that I’m to aspire to & work towards, yet it never tells me why I should do so, or what the potential benefits are of doing so.

Thanks in advance :purple_heart:


Here is the breakdown of what the different levels offer for sellers: Fiverr's Levels
Earning clearance is 14 days for all levels except Top Rated Sellers. Fiverr’s seller fees are the same for all users and levels.


understood, appreciate it.

basically, the Higher Seller Levels/Ranks is entirely designed to earn Fiverr more money faster, while offering the Seller little-to-no-benefit.

Good to know.

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Fiverr doesn’t gain any more money from the level. I’d argue that sellers do benefit significantly from the level system as sellers gain access to more active gigs, more gig extras, custom offers up to higher amounts, priority customer support and promotion abilities.

I think the most important part of the level system though is for the customers. A customer may be able to trust a higher ranked seller more. This in-turn will probably result in more sales for higher ranked sellers, which is another benefit.

Of course the quality of service delivered doesn’t always correlate directly with the sellers level but that is the nature of a freelance marketplace like fiverr.


your first sentence reads, “Fiverr doesn’t gain anymore money from the level”, yet the sentences that follow discuss a variety of buy-ups and “features” (more gig extras, custom offers up to higher amounts, priority customer support and promotion abilities) which have the sole intention of generating more/higher sales on the platform overall, yet STILL leave the Sellers with 14 day payouts and 20% taken per order regardless of their Seller Level/Rank.

I do give you credit for the clever spin though :ok_hand:

In case it was unclear I was referring to the fact that Fiverr still gains the same 20% cut regardless of level. If you want to earn more then you can factor this cut into your prices. The other benefits are useful to myself as I’m sure they are to other sellers. It seems you are more interested in complaining about the platform than progressing on it. If you feel there is no value in the level system then you don’t have to worry about it.


As was clearly stated, I am new to the platform.

I started this thread to learn. I now have the information I was seeking.

I wish you luck and success on this platform, but it is obvious that Fiverr’s Seller Levels/Ranks are objectively bad.

I don’t think you are using this word correctly. It is bad, according to you, which is a subjective statement/opinion - the opposite of objective.

@alexandamedia has already stated what sellers and buyers get, so I won’t expand on that. In my opinion, as a buyer on Fiverr for more than 4 years and a seller for 3 years, I very much like the benefits I get from my level and from being able to sort by seller level as a buyer. That is my subjective opinion.


If you read the link provided to you above, you will see that Top Rated Sellers get 7 days earning clearance. Fiverr Pro Sellers get 7 days as well.


thank you for your snarky comment. Let’s clarify…

You, as a Top-Rated Seller, believe that NO Seller on this platform should receive ANY beneficial perks to either their 20% loss of revenue OR their 14-day payout window until they’ve generated a minimum of $20K USD in revenue over no less than 100 orders and can potentially become a Top-Rated Seller (assuming they’ve cleared the other required metrics as well).

This is your “subjective opinion”, correct?

That is correct. :v: :slight_smile:

Unless they are a Pro Seller. Pro Sellers aren’t necessarily Top Rated Sellers. You can find out more about Fiverr Pro by reading this from the Fiverr Help Center:


So, given your incredible experience, support your “subjective opinion” that having a number of Seller Levels/Ranks makes sense for Sellers, given that not a single one them provides ANY monetary benefit to the Seller until they reach the highest level ($20K in sales on no less than 100 orders).

I’m hopeful to see the benefit. Haven’t seen a single one pointed out yet.

Also, Fiverr Pro does NOT communicate anything in regards to a faster payout window.

So your claim here is factually untrue.

Here is exactly what it states in regards to the topic:

What are the benefits of becoming a Fiverr Pro seller?

Fiverr Pro helps you take your talent to the next level, with a highly professional environment, business buyers, and elite peers. We offer a hassle-free process, so you’ll get paid easily and on time, every time. We will assist you in maximizing the platform, and if needed, we’ll help resolve issues that might come up between buyers and sellers.

If you went down to a further page in the same category, this is what you would find: Fiverr Help and Education Center

" Advantages of Being a Fiverr Pro

As a Fiverr Pro Seller, you have been hand-picked by the Fiverr team as best-in-class talent. That means that you will get certain perks on the platform, like:

  • Better search exposure for buyers looking for professional services.

  • Faster payment clearance – 7 days instead of 14!

  • Higher price limits – Gigs can be priced up to $20,000, and custom offers up to $50,000.

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you get started.

  • Receiving a Pro badge that highlights your exceptional skills, and symbolizes trust to potential buyers.

For tips on how to make the most of being a Fiverr Pro, see Standing Out as a Fiverr Pro."

I am sorry, but I can’t really keep finding things for you. Do your own research before saying something is factually untrue. There is an entire category of pages on Fiverr Pro in the Help Center. Read them all if you want to know more.

Also, I have no interest in arguing with you. If you do not agree that the benefits stated on the page provided by @alexandamedia are beneficial for sellers, then that is completely fine. We simply disagree. I can’t do anything to convince you, nor do I especially want to convince you.

That is exactly what I think about this whole thread.

You are also free to find another freelancing platform if this one and its benefits are not to your liking. There are plenty out there.


Ahh!! Thank you for correctly linking info which slightly supports your stance!! This is helpful.

Now I am fully aware and equipped to make a decision based on the feedback of other users.

Precisely the sort of thing someone uses a given platform’s public forum for :ok_hand:

Much appreciated.