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Do I edit My ranked gig when It's not have any sell

Hello there,
I have a question about Fiverr gigs.
I have a gig, it’s rank in 2/3 pages or sometimes No. 1 pages. But I didn’t get any sell on that. I think I need to improve my gig.

So I want to know that Should I edit my gig? and when I edit?



i dont have any proof of this. but this what i have learnt during my 3-4 years on fiverr…

fiverr’s algorithm automatically removes the best performing gigs from the top sometimes to give new sellers a chance. everyone should get a chance.

this happens to me like every 3 months. when it does i edit my, do more research and make it better.
up to you :slight_smile: you can always improve your gigs.


Thanks For Your valuable Comment.