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Do I Have a Dead Fiverr Account?

I’m having a lot of trouble in getting any of my gigs to be acknowledged. I’ve recently posted a new gig about explainer / whiteboard animation videos, and can’t seem to get as much as even a message about the gig or what the service offer’s, I’ve tried to recommend the gig to the buyers requests section, but the website is already over-saturated with people promoting their services, which is obviously deterring anyone from using that section, I’ve tried Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Myspace, but no one seems to care…

I know it sounds dramatic of me saying this, but I’m serious, I’m struggling on Fiverr, and starting to really dislike the website, just because of the poor update decisions they’ve made… The buyers requests section is absolutely useless, as no one ever responds to you regardless of how professional you’re being and how well you’re marketing yourself on the website. I really hate being that guy to rant about a website, and I’m pretty sure that some of you are probably grinning as you’re reading this, since the majority of you are probably successful on Fiverr.

I just want to know if I’m wasting my time with this website, and if Fiverr is pretty much dead for new sellers at this point, because I’ve had nothing but shit luck in getting even a single message from anyone that was relevant to the gig I’m offering.

I’m sorry for the long post, but I’ve been meaning to address for a few weeks now…

Note: The owl video in the whiteboard animation page is a placeholder, until I have a whiteboard animation ready for the gig.


Your white board video gig doesn’t actually feature a whiteboard video example. You press play and all you get is a picture of a sleeping owl on a black background with just you talking quietly. - That’s kind of not what most whiteboard and explainer video buyers are looking for… They’re looking for actual white board and explainer videos.

Just saying.

I added the video, since I wasn’t able to add any images & I didn’t have a whiteboard video prepared at the time, I added the owl video as a placeholder while I put together an actual whiteboard animation.

That’s the thing though, your buyers don’t have time for your back story. You can’t sell a predominantly visual product without showing people what that product will look like. Until you fix major basic things like this in your gigs, you shouldn’t expect to get any orders and definitely shouldn’t complain when they don’t come rolling in.


I guess you’re right…

You shouldn’t post a video gig, until your video is ready.

Newly published gigs get a limited boost window from fiverr to make a few initial sales, and by not having the actual product on display, you are kind of wasting that one shot you get.

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