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Do I have buyer protection if the project takes 3 months?

Hey guys,

I am about to hire app developer. He mentioned that it would take him 2-2 months to fulfill the order.

My question is, am I still protected in case he won’t fulfill my order as he supposed to?

Thanks in advance!


From the Fiverr ToS:

Only exception is a milestone order. That your intended seller is breaking the ToS is not a good sign that they’ll respect you, your order, or your resources. These buyers have shared some tips,


Thank you so much! So basically 3 months means it’s a scam and I won’t be protected?

What if it takes 3 weeks, I have a protection?

I suggest you take the time to read the Terms of Service, Payment Terms, and Community Standards yourself, so that you know what protections you do and do not have.

That said:

I suggest you look into milestone orders. (This article is directed at sellers, but still informative and helpful for buyers: