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Do I have 'FIVERR CS' plastered on my forehead?

Now, this is just mindless ranting - I know this happens to everyone, but as I’ve said before I believe, it has gotten worse. Well, they have.


Yesterday, someone asked me if I can just open a random order so they can give me their money - they wanted to close their account, but they HAPPENED to be in the same niche as me. I’d rather not risk doing no work for a few bucks (might have ended up a bad review… even if not, it smelled suspicious. But it did spiral into them asking for advice on how to get more orders…hm.

I woke up to at least 2 more 'hi’s today (one has yet to answer, but oh well) - and the cream of the crop is someone asking why their…request? (I’m assuming BR/or their gig? They are saying that they are a writer, so) was rejected. After clicking on my promoted gig. So not only am I losing money (ok, I know. It’s not much) but now I should know these things…? I’m not sure if I just look like easy prey (I was up until a while ago, I admit) or it’s just bad luck, but seriously.

(PS.: Sorry, as I’ve said this was just mindless rambling. It’s just gotten so bad I needed to ramble. I’ve been pretty stressed lately…)
I wonder though… does Fiverr do anything when we report these sellers…?


Actually a lot of people think BRs are sent to all sellers or that they can contact specific sellers with them (“Hi, I am looking for seller ABC to draw me an illustration”…). They thought they sent a message to you and everyone else in your field rather than sending it to a public bulletin board which some online sellers can read, which is what the Buyer Requests section is.

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Ah yes, that would make sense! But it seems like they were talking about their gig getting denied (so not a BR) since they are a new seller in my niche (I had to double-check!) I’m mostly just annoyed because I was gaming and thought it was an actual customer sending feedback.