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Do I have to ask the Buyer to Cancel The order to not get any Negative Review?

Hi guys just asking, even if I always got 5+ star ratings

I know some people may still get negative ratings…

I want to avoid any negative ratings, so is it true that I have to ask the buyer to cancel the order to avoid any negative review? So the buyer will get a refund and I won’t get any negative review?

How does it work?

If I cancel the order even after 5 minutes a buyer placed a new order because I’m too busy to complete it? Can I get a negative review if I cancel the order after it has been placed by the buyer?

Thank you.


Well, you can cancel the order to avoid negative rating. But cancelling the order will also affect your gig rank a lot.

So if depends on you, you want to get the money or get a potential negative rating or drop your gig ranking :slight_smile:

ok thanks I’m saying if I have too much work can I still ask the buyer to cancel the order on their end? So I won’t get any negative review right?

Even if you ask them to cancel, your delivery or completion rate will be affected and go down - this will prevent you possibly from reaching the next level or maintaining your current level. You are punished when you cancel orders here.

If you cancel the order, the buyer cannot review you because they did not spend anything - their money is returned to their Fiverr balance. But, YOU pay a higher price with your statistics being dragged down. Not good.

If you are finding that you do not have time to complete a job, you need to extend the time of delivery on that Gig OR visit the Resolution Center on the purchased Gig asking for an extension on the delivery date so that you do not get penalized.

Even if you received an order 1 minute ago, and you do a cancellation, your statistics will take a hit.


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NO. You will not get a negative review, if they do not follow through with the order - BUT - you are cutting off your fingers here by cancelling instead of using the Resolution Center and asking your buyer to give you more time to work on your order. Only offer Gigs where you can actually complete the tasks.


You can, but why? Maybe you can discuss with your buyer whether possible to extend the time. By going to the resolution Center on the order page

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