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Do I have to be a special level on my gig to add extra features for more money?

Ive seen a lot of gigs where they have it where if you wanted say an illustration in a certain size or if you want it in color you can click on that option and it will be more money.Do you have to be a certain level of gig before you can add those options to your gig?

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When you reach level 1 you can add extras. Before that you can add to your gig description that colouring, background etc. cost 2 X gig. Or what you feel is appropriate price for your work.

Thanx guess ill have to work hard to reach level 1

reach level 1

Do you know what extras we get when we hit level 2 or higher?


Here’s info on levels.

Not until you Level up, but you can create a Custom Order for buyers and submit it to them. :slight_smile:

when you get level 1 then you will able to add extras in your gigs