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Do I HAVE to file a tax form or is it UP to me?


I am just curious. I don’t have a paypal account, but may apply for the Fiverr credit card. My question is, do I HAVE to file a tax form or no. I would rather not. LOL.


well it costs me about 80-100 to file any new business income or loss so I would suggest you get to level 1-2 before you worry about that


You’re psychic and talk to spirits :slight_smile: What did they say?



Check with your accountant.

While there are many here (myself included ) that run real, brick and mortar, tax paying businesses and could probably offer some advice… you really should consult a qualified tax professional in your jurisdiction.


Reply to @anarchofighter: lol good one :smiley: but on a more serious note you really should check with a qualified tax professional as suggested.