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Do I have to leave a review to get my order?

Order for traffic to my website says it was delivered this morning. Have had 0 traffic so far (been over 8 hours) But i got a request to accept & review. Do I have to accept before I get my order? I can’t exactly leave a review until I know if it is going to work…

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Do not accept it until you get the service you asked for. And even if you’re going to accept it, what are you going to leave a review for??

Be aware because delivered orders are marked as completed after 3 days if the buyer did not respond. So if it has been a long time & you didn’t get what you ordered, use a revision and talk to the seller about it.


Absolutely not!
As Youssef said, you need to experience the service before you review it.
If the traffic is spread over a period longer than 3 days then you should request a modification with the reason that the order has not yet been carried out and continue to do so until the traffic has been delivered.