Do I have to leave a review to get my order?


Order for traffic to my website says it was delivered this morning. Have had 0 traffic so far (been over 8 hours) But i got a request to accept & review. Do I have to accept before I get my order? I can’t exactly leave a review until I know if it is going to work…


Do not accept it until you get the service you asked for. And even if you’re going to accept it, what are you going to leave a review for??

Be aware because delivered orders are marked as completed after 3 days if the buyer did not respond. So if it has been a long time & you didn’t get what you ordered, use a revision and talk to the seller about it.


Absolutely not!
As Youssef said, you need to experience the service before you review it.
If the traffic is spread over a period longer than 3 days then you should request a modification with the reason that the order has not yet been carried out and continue to do so until the traffic has been delivered.