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Do I have to refund my buyers money if the Post Office says that the address he gave me is invalid?

This person has messaged me over 50 times in the past week, and I have been very communicative towards them in ensuring their package is on the way and everything. Well apparently his package was not delivered to his address, and he came to me complaining about it. I went to the post office today to see if I could get more info, and they told me that his address does not exist, and couldn’t be delivered as addressed. So they said they delivered the package to one of the neighboring apartments.

My question is, if this is at the fault of the buyer for giving me the incorrect address or at the fault of the Post Office, am I liable and do I have to refund this person’s money? The amount I charged them was MORE than fair, in fact I’m sure I probably lost money on this transaction due to how large this person’s print was and how little I charged them. I have been polite and professional in all of my responses to them, and took the time to get the information regarding where their package is and basically did everything I could to get their package to them.

If he provided the incorrect address when purchasing your gig, surely he must be held responsible.

Good luck!

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I sell real items, too. Once a seller gave me the wrong address, and I charged her again to ship it a second time. Once I made a mistake & transposed 2 numbers, so I paid to re-ship.

My usual order procedure is to copy down the mailing info onto a mailing label. I email the customer after I receive the order, saying something like “Just to confirm, I’m making for you 1)blah blah blah, and I’m shipping it to Joe Doe, 123 Any Lane, Etc. US. Is that correct?”. Doing this has caught errors from both the customer in giving me their address and on my part when copying it down. But one time, my customer never confirmed that email message and I shipped the order anyway. Unfortunately, I had misread a “B” as an “8”, and sent the order to #318 instead of #31B but didn’t know until after the fact. When I ‘delivered’ photos of the order, the customer responded almost immediately with Wait a minute, what address did you use? You wrote 318. It’s supposed to be 31B. For that one, I made the mistake but the customer never bothered to respond to my message to correct my mistake and so perpetuated it. We worked out a compromise solution that worked for both of us.

That’s been my experience with shipping issues.

Do you buy package tracking? I don’t because in the U.S. if you ship first class (cheaper than Priority but almost as fast), your receipt shows the package ID number, and that is also a tracking number, but you don’t have to pay extra for it. And you can track the package yourself online with that number.

If it was the customer giving you the wrong address you can’t be held responsible, I’m sure…

However, if you wrote down the wrong address then I guess you could either cancel or re-send the package.

I don’t ship any physical stuff myself but if I would, then celticmoon’s system seems a very solid one and I would use it.