Do I have to report a buyer who gives me his number?


So, there is this buyer who ordered my gig without submitting relevant instructions and only telling me that he’s not good at typing and giving me his number. Do I have to report this?


I think the answer here is pretty much a no-brainer. Nonetheless I’ll give you the correct answer. Take a screenshot of the conversation and forward it to Customer Service. That way if there are any issues with the sale such as he/she trying of cop out of paying for your services, Customer Support would have prior knowledge of possible intent by the buyer to solicit services outside of Fiverr.

Hope this helped.


Craig Scott


someone contacted me on Fiverr, attaching a txt with their full address, phone and skype contact - just everything you can think of.

I promptly reported the conversation, but didn’t make any screenshots or contacted customer support… should have done that.


Reply to @voicetex: I didn’t want to report it, but then I asked for a mutual cancellation and he declined it, so i reported to Fiverr for them to cancel it for me.

I did take screenshots too.


Reply to @kjblynx: I did explain it to him and asked for a mutual cancellation, and he declined. So I submitted a request to Customer Service and asked them to cancel the order for me.


Reply to @craigscott: I did that after I asked for a mutual cancellation and he declined it.


we are big boys over here, read TOS, educate yourself .