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Do I have to take offers?


Hi folks! Trying to find an answer to this. I have a couple of gigs out there and need to know if I am required to take a gig? If it just doesn’t seem like a good fit for me and someone requests my service, what should I do?

A related topic: I was traveling and got a request (didn’t know to put myself as unavailable) and I found the clock was running on something I never accepted. Do I have to / get to accept gig requests? If I don’t wish to do the job, what do I do?


When someone orders from you (as in, places the order), you’re supposed to do the work, yes. That’s how Fiverr is intended to work. There’s no ‘accept’ button for sellers or anything like that.

If you can’t do it or don’t want to do it, you can cancel the order through the Resolution Center on the order page, but every cancellation will push your gig lower in the search.

Read Fiverr’s Term of Service:

It’s not some boring legal text, it’s easy to understand, and it explains how Fiverr works.


I know what you mean about fit! I’m not a believer in doing work that you aren’t right for, just to get the sale and avoid being de-ranked. If you aren’t a good fit, your finished product won’t reflect your skills and value, so this can affect your reputation. It also takes you more time to do orders for which you aren’t adequately suited, so it affects your business that way, too. There’s the stress of that, too!

In short: yes, I can cancel orders when they’re not a good fit, although I don’t have to do it very often because I’m very clear in my gigs who is a good fit for my work. I’m not picky. I just avoid doing things that can adversely affect my business.


You could put “please contact before ordering” or something like that (eg. you could ask them to contact you for a quote) if you don’t want to accept every request. Or be as specific as possible in the gig description like described above. You could also set a high price so people would be less likely to buy without contacting you first (if you have a “contact first” type message). A high price would also still allow you to send lower priced offers for buyer requests that you think fit what you want to do best.

Also you can decline a custom order request or you could decline a message asking you to do something if you think it’s not something you’d be a good fit for.


OK, thanks for the replies and good information, as well as your perspectives. I just don’t want to feel obligated to have to do a project or find that I’ve been put “on the clock” overnight. I booked a gig through Fiverr and it was fine, but another gig came in when I wasn’t available and I was annoyed to death that I couldn’t do anything about it.

I really wish I could accept / reject requests. Might have to change the way I use Fiverr or change my postings.

Thanks again.


You can request to extend the delivery time using the Resolution Center. If you explain why, most buyers will probably accept, unless it’s a very time sensitive order.

You can also put gigs on hold when you’re unavailable and limit the amount of orders you have open simultaneously for each gig.



If you are unavailable or away etc you are able to set your self as “away” or “on vacation” on your profile.

Vacation mode can be activated and de-activated whenever you choose.
It also pauses all of your gigs, and prevents orders etc.

If you are not able to live the life of Freelancing on Fiverr then you need to re-evaluate your priorities and think whether this is the right place for you.

I mean no offence or criticism in any way shape or form, but you must do what makes you feel happy as a person and a professional.


Sure, I follow your meaning. FWIW, I’ve freelanced for simply years now in graphic design, but want to expand into voice over work and have been trying Fiverr. I’m just not a fan of the approach here which seems to be: someone booked you; go do the job now. I don’t want to take on literally any job that comes my way.

For example, I might find some content objectionable. Just because I do voice over doesn’t mean I’m OK pitching a scammy business or going on a profanity-laden tirade for pay. If I’m to be treated as a hireling, then no, this setup isn’t for me.

PS: I think it would also work to actively look for requests and apply to them instead of having passive gigs.


That’s how Fiverr is advertised to buyers: Browse-Buy-Done.


Hi Steprock.

For my own gigs I used the FAQ section to explain what I will do or won’t do.

I’m a physio and create posture improvement programmes for on-the-go professionals and I have to be sure I triage properly (Only take on clients that are not using this plan in place for a medical diagnosis) so I explain any reasons why someone wouldn’t be acceptable and for them to seek medical attention locally (An example being a post-op patient that needs to have their wounds looked at in person).

Anyway, even though I have had some direct messages asking about the gig I haven’t had these people go ahead and order. Nor do I tell them to go ahead with the gig if I think they should go elsewhere.

I think this approach may work for you as you can be quite clear as to what you will not accept?

It sounds like you have a good focused vision so I hope you find some way of making fiverr work for you.


Thanks for the feedback. Best wishes in your business.


You’re welcome. You too :smiley: