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Do I have to wait for seller?

I’m in a hurry to get the finished product from a gig. I want to accept the revision, but it looks like I can’t do that until the seller does something on their end. Am I missing something? When I go to the order it says “Revision Requested” but she already sent the revision and now I want to accept the order so I can get the image without a watermark. Are you really telling me I have to wait for this person to probably wake up (as they’re clearly in another time zone and only answer when it’s in the middle of the night for me here) to get my image? I needed it by tonight.

Unfortunately it does require them to “deliver” the finished product if what you have ordered is an image of some kind, otherwise it will be watermarked which I presume is the issue.
I presume you have already sent them a message asking for them to deliver.
They really should have sent the revision with the delivery which was either a mistake or they wanted to make sure you were happy with it before sending the final delivery.

Surely it would be better policy to have sellers upload final revisions in some sort of escrow setup? This is a horribly inconvenient way to do things and now the gig has gone to waste because I have to hire an outside designer to do it in within hours. It’s not even the seller’s fault, she did everything asked of her it’s just this platform doesn’t take variables into account–especially time zones. I’ve yet to come across one seller that’s based in the same time zone as me. A platform this age should be adapted to that. Will be moving my business to another site.

Had the seller sent the revision as a delivered order there would not be a problem. They may have thought they were doing you a favor by not doing so but unfortunately not. It isn’t really the platform’s fault as sellers should know how to use it and if you had told them you needed the final work by tonight they should have accounted for that.

There are plenty of US based sellers on the site and if time/communication is that important to you, you should really aim for them when you order. Sorry it has not worked out for you this time.