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Do I nee too pay “commercial right'?

I have recently launched my youtube channel. Do I nee too pay “commercial right” option if I want to use the bought voice over my own video in youtube?


That will depend on if you have the rights to use the voiceover or not.

Yes, you will need to buy the commercial rights. As a rule of thumb, anything that goes public needs to have the rights aqcuired to go public. Commercial Use License will cover that.

That doesn’t make sense. He is obviously asking that question because he doesn’t own the right to use it commercially or publicly.

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Well it is a very difficult area. Especially with different laws in different countries. You could have full rights to the file in which case you own it and any income from it is yours. Whereas you may have a non commercial license in which case it could be used with permission from the creator and any proceedings going to them. To give full advice more information is needed.

It’s not a simple yes no answer

In this case, if he is talking about the commercial use license in fiverr as it is stated here, YES, for a youtube channel, he MUST buy it, it is simple. Imagine if the guy makes millions on youtube and he hasn’t bought the commercial use license. Then, the voice over artist has a legally binding proof (fiverr transaction) which states that the buyer haven’t bought the commercial use license, but it is using his work commercially and can launch a lawsuit.

Even if the buyer doesn’t monetise the youtbe channel, he may decide to do it one day. Why taking this risk for few more dollars? I faced this problem of explaining everytime this question to new potential buyers, and I ended up integrating the commercial use license within my package, not as a separate extra as I was offering it before. Life is much easier now.

It depends on if the YT Video will be monetized. If you are only just starting out on YT, you probably won’t.

We enter in the gray area with statements like that one. The commercial use license states that it grants permitted commercial uses like integrating into a product, which means without one, these uses are not permitted. Is a youtube channel considered as a product?

And then again, maybe the channel is not monetized, but maybe it is linked to his business, like imprving the brand or collecting followers and stuff like that. Is that a business related activity?

Because the Commecial use license on fiverr states that it grants right to use for Permitted Commercial Purposes. “Permitted Commercial Purposes” means any business related use"