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Do i need keywords or Marketing on social media

Hello , i’m new here , i joined fiverr before 5 days i guess , and i read about clicks and views rankig etc…
do you see this resultat great as a new here ?

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No, because for all the impressions, clicks and views, you haven’t received any orders.
Would I be right in saying you have shared your profile link on social media or somewhere?
It’s unusual to get more clicks than impressions so I can only assume you promoted your profile and people clicked your gig from there. The problem is that none of them ordered so perhaps however you are promoting your gig is not the best. Focus on where the people who would buy your gig would see it.
Remember, it’s better to get one click and one order rather than 1000 clicks and no orders.

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Hello, did you pay a company to click on your gig? If so that won’t help or result in sales.

no i did some marketing on social media

Nice Idea i will learn from my mistake Thank you so much ^^

but i want to tell you that the only thing that i did
i shared on social media is that one : 31 2.5K 3.2K
other gigs , views and clicks from Fiverr

That’s spamming not marketing. Marketing is finding targeted customer who needs your service.

I think that topic can help you: