Do I need permission to..? and if yes how?



One of my gigs is to teach language, and I might need to use Skype sometimes for conversational purposes, but delivering documents and lessons will be on fiverr and of course any business dealings will be via fiverr, I understand Fiverr allows Skype if it is part of the service, and I believe in my case it will be part of the service. Do I need to ask permission? and if yes, where could I ask?

Thank you.


Customer support will be able to help you with this.


Submit a ticket to Customer Support and ask them.

Save screenshots of the permission, just in case.


Thanks, much appreciated…


Thank you very much, you have been great help.


Let us know, please, what they said.


Its better if you ask it from customer suport.


Their answer will be very specific to the OP’s situation and gig. Fiverr does give permission to use Skype in certain cases, but that permission would only apply to his individual circumstance. If you need permission for your own gigs, you would want to contact CS yourself and retain a screenshot of their personal reply to you. :slight_smile: