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Do i need to contact Fiverr to get the Level 1 upgrade?

Hie y’all,

I joined Fiverr about 34 days ago and since then have amassed 94 orders! :smiley:

As happy as i am about that, i now need to revise my gigs and add some extras but Fiverr still hasn’t upgraded me to Level 1. Maybe i am being overly anxious since it’s only been a few days past the 1 month mark but i thought upgrading was supposed to happen automatically with the exception of top rated sellers.

Can anyone tell me if i need to give Fiverr a nudge about this or how it works with upgrades.

Thanks in advance


Thank you now for the next level in 24 days :wink:

It happens automatically, but can be late a few days. I suggest you wait a few more days, and if you’re still not level 1, contact Customer Support (because in that case it could be a bug).

Reply to @catwriter: Thanks Catwriter

Reply to @lilianarice: You’re welcome!

It’s done! Like they heard me or something :wink: I am now officially level!!! Yipppeeeeee! :-))