Do I need to delete my acount to change my silly user name?


When I first started I put in my email address as user name which is jimbournesmith etc etc.

Jim is my name Bourne is short for Bournemouth where I lived ect

But now if i post here for example folks ask if I am the father of Jason Bourne.

I have a gig, I am reviving which has some good reviews and points, been away a while.

But I definitely do not want this user name

I searched the posts appears I will have to delete my whole account and lose any good reviews I had.

Edit: I would like my name to match my YouTube and Google Plus name

Why the big issue about changing your user name. How is that good for business If Fiver users have to delete their profile and all their good points and recommendations. Surely Fiverr stills knows who we are whatever our handle



Jason Bourne isn’t real. (Well, I am sure there are Jason Bournes out there, but the movie one isn’t real, who is, I assume, the one you’re talking about?)

Do you really want to delete your account and start over because people have been using the same tired joke about your name over and over again?

Or maybe I misunderstood and this isn’t the only reason?


Hi Jim,

If you want to change your username, yes, you will need to close your account and start a new one - CS will help you with it if you want to do this.

It’s the only way I’m afraid.

Nice to see another Scot around by the way!


I think that the fact you have a hook (however lame you see the joke) helps people to buy from you. It makes you memorable and this is never a bad thing in business. Keep the name!!!


Quote : think that the fact you have a hook (however lame you see the joke) helps people to buy from you. It makes you memorable and this is never a bad thing in business. Keep the name!!!

Thanks whats in a name anyway… smiles. My Name is Jim McCambridge, I feel that is more appropriate for Scottish Voice over appeal. Aye looks like I will need to delete my account, thanks friend


cheers my Scottish friend, yes I think I will delete my account. I didn’t have a massive client base anyway, new beginnings :slight_smile:


If you start afresh, you’ll get the benefits of being a new user where your gigs (always have more than one!) will get bumped up for the first wee while.

Make sure you come back and let us know what your new ID is.

Cheers for now :grin: (can’t find a haggis emoji!)


thanks for that

I saw a haggis in the woods the other day, but Wellington Willie killed it before I had a chance…


I had withdraw about 2 dollars left in my account before I delete lol


You should also consider just making a quick response message of the following:

Jason Bourne is dead, you hear me?
He drowned two weeks ago.
You’re gonna go tell 'em that Jason Bourne is dead, you understand?
Now how can I help you today?


Don’t spend it all at once!


thanks but no thanks. I want away from the whole Jason Bourne thing…smiles


thinking…quick response? Is that another feature I missed?


You can add quick responses in your inbox to incoming messages.


Go into any inbox or order message and go to the box where you can enter your message.
At the top there are some premade quick responses and also the option to add new ones of your own,


wow thanks Friend I will look into that


No problem.
Also, while I have no real evidence to back this up, I suspect that you may find it easier to get going with a new account than to try revive an old one. There are many buyers, particularly for expensive things like V/O who specifically seek out new sellers who they expect to be cheaper. That, and the fact that Fiverr will boost your new account and gigs in the search results for a couple of weeks would make me think it a better idea.
Do check in with customer service before doing so though, otherwise they may see it as having two accounts which is not allowed.


Thanks I will think about that…cheers friend


Yes is was, loved the film. I have no problems with the humor about Jason Bourne, I just wonder if that name I have will put off clients, many thanks


thanks, but if I do delete my account on my own, why they think I had two accounts if I start a new one?..because of my personal details perhaps