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Do I need to file taxes in both the US and my country if I am not a US citizen, Green Card Holder or US resident?

Hey guys!

I hope you are able to help me with this huge doubt! I would like to start offering my services on Fiverr and I have very clear that I have the obligation of paying all direct and indirect taxes due to my home country. However, I don’t understand if I also have to pay taxes in US or if at least I need to comply with the filing of a tax form in US. This doubt arose after reading many messages about Fiverr issuing some forms/certificates to sellers in order to be compliant with IRS regulations. I am not a US citizen nor a green card holder nor a US resident and all the work would be performed from my home country (which doesn’t have a double taxation treatment with the USA). Please, I would appreciate if experienced foreign sellers (without citizenship or legal residence in the US) could share their experience: 1) describing the type of forms/certificates that they receive from Fiverr every tax year, 2) if they need to file taxes in the US and 3) how they report their Fiverr income.

By the way, I already ask to customer service this question and even ask for more information about the logistics with the delivery of tax form/certificates that they deliver to their sellers, but I only got a “we advise to seek a tax professional”

Thanksfor all your answer!


Check this out: Fiverr Help and Education Center (W-9 collection).

And this: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Seller Taxes).

Suggest you contact your local tax office or an account for help regarding your specific tax situation.




You only need to worry about paying taxes in your home country.Please don’t worry about anything else. :slightly_smiling_face:


Added - from your profile, it says you are in the USA, so presumably you are a US resident, so none of what I said previously applies. Where do you think you live?

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Thank you for noticing the issue about location. I already tried to update a thousand times my country, but I don’t understand why it keeps saying US. I live in South America.


That explains it - thank you! :+1:

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Thanks for your information
It was very helpful to a newbie on Fiverr

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Thanks for your recommended