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Do I Need To Get My Gig SEO Because I have not been getting any orders?

Hello there,

I have been scrolling through the Fiverr forum to see how I can improve my gigs and get more orders because I have not been getting any orders from the past 2 months. I got an order in my first month of being here on Fiverr, and I thought I was lucky because many people don’t get any orders at all.

But guess what happened after? I did not get any orders at all!
So, I was browsing through this forum when I found a topic that says:

“SEO is the most important thing in your gigs”
If you want to see which topic I am talking about, you can see here ([Guide] How to Rank Your Gig for Better Results on Fiverr)

I have zero ideas about what SEO is, I have tried updating my gig titles and SEO titles and descriptions, but with no luck.

So what do I do? Buy SEO services on Fiverr? Most of them are quite expensive as well.
So is getting SEO from Fiverr for my gigs actually helpful?
And what would you recommend?

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First of all, you have to resource the keywords as well.Then you will open gig.
"good Wishes":slightly_smiling_face:

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