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Do I need to improve my Gig: confessions of a newbee

Hello everyone,

I would like some constructive feedback for my gig.

I am a Fiverr member since March’17, though I haven’t been active for the past 5 months. A friend recommended this platform and that’s the reason I decided to come up with a profile. But everytime I create a new gig, I end up getting disappointed and I find it quite difficult to land an order here as compared to Upwork/elance. I don’t quite understand whether there’s a problem with my gig since the views are quite less as well.
So if you will be kind enough to go through it or probably give me some tips so that I can improve.

Thanks in advance,

I checked your gig and it is not informative I guess. You need to check how others provide their gigs and try to make something similar. Just search for the things you do to get an idea how to present your gig correctly.