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Do I need to make all 7 gigs in very short time


Some of the guys says do hurry make all 7 gigs within 3 days of the account opening.
Is that quite necessary for Achieve success in Fiverr? I don’t understand the importance. Can anyone here advise about this.

In hurry if anyone do it and some of the gigs doesn’t reflect his ability properly. And from those gigs got some order might lead to cancelation. So I think it’s unwise to just hurry on making all 7 gigs and do marketting.

Guys, What you think?


I don’t know where you get that infos but i think its not like that, you make the gig and offer the number of service that you can provide, you might try to offer one of your service in more than one category if it fits more than one to have more chances to get views and orders.


Thanks for your comments and advice. It has been helpful. more over do I need to develop my skills in any other fields which might help me. I have so far learned HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap3.3.7, Java script, now learning PHP, My SQL & Wordpress.
Whether can you check my gigs and advise how I can improve, thanks.


So, what was the result of that! I would love to see the result of the suggestion from some of the guys! :wink: :rofl: :joy:


What’s the endgame here?
What do you want to do? What kind of service do you wish to provide?

Learning languages just to put them on your profile isn’t really a good use of your time.
Figure out what you want to do and then acquire the skills you need for that.


The value in having multiple gigs published at the same time is:

  1. If someone has a good feeling about you based on one of your gigs, they may explore to see your other gigs. This is particularly helpful if the first gig they see isn’t quite what they’re looking for, but you have another gig that is a great fit. Personally, I’ve found it helpful in that I can promote my other gigs to sellers who have already purchased from me. I have acquired a great deal of business here that way, especially when I make custom gigs for them with discounted prices and free extras, which I select and recommend based on the buyers’ needs. The free extras I create are things that take me little time and resources to do, so I’m not overextending myself.

  2. Another way this can help is simply through visibility. When you have multiple gigs, as long as they are of high quality, you may have more opportunities to be discovered by prospective buyers.



This is the only reason why you would want to have 7 gigs. But 7 gigs of high-quality DIFFERENT services you provide, filled with good description, keywords, images and so forth.


I like your advise and certainly go for the long run and wanna get good opportunities to become a good earner (which everyone wants). Thanks again for show me the right path.


Definitely. Good point. It’s also very helpful in making additional offers to clients. I don’t do this until after an order is complete, though, in case there are any issues with the client. Doing the order gives me a lot of insight into what that particular buyer needs and wants and then I tailor my offer to that.


You’re very welcome! Yes! We all want that. Haha.