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Do I need to restart my account?

Hey all,

New to Fiverr. I created an account a few weeks ago with a gig that I kind of rushed; it’s not very effective.

I have now written a new and improved gig and am ready to post it live.

My question is this.

Seeing as my account has not really been active / hasn’t gotten any interest in the few weeks since creating it, would it be wise to now delete it and start a new account from scratch?

What I mean is, will this period of a few weeks relative inactivity have made the account particularly badly ranked now?

Or does it not matter if it’s new or BRAND NEW when I post my new and improved gig?

Thanks in advance


Welcome to the Forum.

Yeah. No need to create new account. Fiverr not allow to create more account. So Work your existing account.



Thanks for your reply.

Oh okay, I didn’t realize that. I will not create a new one in that case.

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I created my first Fiverr account as a beginner, I deleted that account and created this account.

An old inactive account will not affect your ranking, and in fact, might be better if you have an inactive gig… it counts towards the 60 days as “new seller” criteria to level up.

The only reason to start a new account is if your current account is inactive and you want a profile name that is suitable for your gig, like “prowebdesign”, “talentedlogomaker” etc… just make sure you delete the old account (and you won’t be able to use the same email account you registered to a deleted account).


About your account,

I would tell you to organize your account very well and publish your gigs very nicely. There is no need to delete your account.


If you think that your account or gig are not eye catching you can do that .


Deleting your account is not necessary. I created my account in October 2019, only got and completed one gig, and never used it again till March/April/May the next year in 2020.

That was about 6 months of leaving my account dead/inactive but I still came back and my account is now thriving better then ever.

So, in short, you don’t need to delete your account. Inactivity affects nothing on your ranking, visibility, and ability to get orders.


Thank you very everyone

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You can just delete the Gig (not your account) and post the new Gig.

I delete Gigs of mine on a regular basis (those that don’t do well) and replace them with new Gigs.

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Did you delete the gigs which have made sale and lots of reviews? I see you’ve got 654 reviews on your profile. But Your all gigs are pretty new. Don’t you think review carries some sort of significance?

I did delete a couple of Gigs with a lot of reviews but as you can see, the stats remain.

I get bored here at times and just redo my profile from scratch and that includes dumping all Gigs and rebuilding.

Since Fiverr only brings me about 30% of my freelance income, I can afford to mess around with my Gigs.

It should also tell you that I don’t care about impressions, clicks or rankings as I still get work regardless of what I do here.


I see. Most of the sellers will die for a review let alone delete a gig with so many reviews. But my opinion is, maybe we don’t’ need to delete and start from scratch. We can just change everything. Category, title, tag, description and all. As a result we are not losing the reviews that will ease the order hunting.

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For sure.

But I refuse to live my online freelance life in fear.

I know I’m good at what I do and my internet footprint is big enough from my social media activities, eBooks and websites that cross promote everything I do, I’m not going to starve.

I have 40+ years of experience in media/marketing so nothing worries me.

Especially rankings, impressions or clicks.


40+ wow.
You don’t need a new customer I think. You’ve lots them already.



You could say I’ve paid my dues.


modify or edit your gig without removing account

Take care :slightly_smiling_face:

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