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Do I Need To Use Google Adwords To Increase Sales , Click ETC

Do I Need To Use Google Adwords To Increase Sales , Click ETC


If your mean I should use google ads to rank my gigs that’s all wrong you can’t do that.

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i do that sir
taking 4.5k click and i get my first sale

Ohhhhhhhhhoooooo. What you did It’s againt the Fiverr guideline. You need to give up only share you gigs on social website please check


i didn’t know about this

Open the link and read all about the seller.

Share it as it is allowed by fiverr on social media to your contacts to different groups every day.

Yeh correct , Today when reading TOS I found it clearly metioned that sellers are not allowed to promote gig or any other fiverr content through google adwords platform , So I advice not to be smart and Close your adwords campaign , otherwise it my lead to suspension of your account .See in the image below :-.

And here’s link you can check it out yourself :-

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Yeah. Adwords is not allowed. But I recall they mentioned bing ads was allowed, but that’s kinda garbage. Wonder what they have against adwords :thinking: It’s so highly converting.

useful information that AdWord never use for fiverr gigs :shamrock::shamrock:

Right , I think Microsoft bribed Fiverr, For making such rule :joy::sunglasses:

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Google Ads, Pop up ads, Interstitial ads are not allowed to promote Fiverr gigs.

Fiverr uses Adwords themselves to get search traffic to their site.

If Fiverr sellers were to use Adwords as well, they’d be in competition with Fiverr themselves for similar keywords, which would increase the amount of money Fiverr would need to spend on their Adwords budget.

Any other paid adverts are fine. :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha! That explains it then :joy: But at least some of those visitors from their campaigns go to your gig’s category, and perhaps even to your gig. So free marketing!

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well that is the main point of FIVERR they find us clients and get 20% from us its not FREE marketing