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Do I need to worry?


Hope you are doing well! :grinning:

Well recently a USER tried to contact me outside of Fiverr. He/She gives me his/her Phone Number.

So i told them that contacting outside of Fiverr is against of Terms & Service. But after i hit send, it is showing me the “Flagged” Bar.
I didn’t did anything wrong. Do i need to worry for my account? Should i contact CS about this?
Hope to hear from you soon Guys


I got that a couple of times before. They will be reviewing your message. You haven’t done anything wrong.


The phrase “outside of Fiverr” triggers this message. What you have said is ok so I would not worry about it. Just send a new message to your client and say something like “I can only contact you within Fiverr’s messaging system” instead as your client has not received the other message.


That’s what I found out when I told a client, on the order page, that contact outside of Fiverr is strictly forbidden. :smile_cat:


Thank you very much!
I got it now! :slight_smile:


Yeah, today one new client put me in an uncomfortable position…I said, I work only on Fiverr…had I said I don’t work outside of Fiverr my message would get flagged for no reason.


Exactly the same happened to me.
I sent the same message but changed “outside of Fiverr” and it went through.
The original message went through the next day…


I just waited for “Trust & Safety Team” to review it. I don’t want my buyer to get 2 same messages. And the great :+1:t4: news is “Trust & Safety Team” already approved it! :pray:


I noticed there’s a new option now, where you can report the buyer for requesting outside communication.

I use it often. :blush:


Where?? Show me :pray::pray::thinking::roll_eyes:


Go to the message inbox and next to each message received from a buyer, you have that option in the right side.


Haha… lol :joy::joy::joy: Omg! Its not a very new feature! I already did that. Click on my post image to enlarge it. You can see i already reported them. :blush::+1:t4:


Well, isn’t is new? Few weeks ago there was no pop-up when clicking report. :unamused:

I guess every little thing comes late to my account. Just like the Analytics page.


Peace for all. Excellent info.


Its been literally around 2 months since i am using this feature! :yum::hugs:


It’s really hard trying to find phrases that don’t trigger the review sometimes. I do a lot of financial spreadsheets and I’m always trying to find a way to avoid using ‘pay’ or ‘payment’ or similar. It can get ridiculous sometimes. “The tab to the right of Income that begins with P” :slight_smile:



p-ayment, s-kype, etc.

I must say, I deal with podcasts where people are submitting s-kype recordings. I am not trying to work around the system. Sometimes they p-ay less or more than the gig requires and we have to make additional p-ayments through Fiverr.


I reckon they’ll cotton on to that soon


it’s worked for a few years.


It’ll work til it doesn’t :slight_smile: