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Do I own the LOGO after purchase

I’m a customer that has a request pending for a LOGO. My Question; Once I pay for the LOGO, do I own it to use for my business a I please?

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Depends on the seller’s policy. Ask him and read his gig page. Might also want to reverse image search to see if your logo IS actually yours - original, that is…

If not specifically described in gig, then yes. You do own all copyrights to it.

The seller will say if a commercial licence is extra, included, or not included in their gig description.

If it’s not mentioned at all, then you will own it as per Fiverr’s rules.

If the buyer hasn’t stated anything in the description or offering Commercial license as an extra, then YES you do own it. If the buyer has mentioned it then you need to purchase the commercial license.

I once had a seller who tried to sell me Commercial Use License on a stolen logo she got off google. That was a fun interaction!


Thank you. I have asked, but no answer so far. Also, I did the image look up and it does appear to be original. Thank you for you help.

Thank you Capitalquality.

I did the reverse image look up and it looks to be original. I did not see any mention of a commercial license in their description. However, I did ask for a revision 5 days ago, and have not hear anything back since. I sent a couple of messages requesting updates. I got the first logo in 3 days, I guess revisions take a little longer.

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Why am I not surprised :frowning:

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