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Do I Really Need to Keep my Prices Low?

So I’m coming up towards one month since my first sale on Fiverr - Since then, I’ve had over a dozen orders, over $100 in revenue, and am probably well on the way to having a steady stream of returning customers :slight_smile:

The only thing I’m worried about is that if I retain my current prices, which are probably lower than the industry average - There may be a time where I have too many orders to work with, i only say this because I work full time, 9-5 and will only really have the weekends to knuckle down and get to work on orders.

Is it a matter of changing my prices to balance out the demand or is there something else I can do to ease the strain if there are occasions where there are 4-6 orders per week?

Here are my gigs:

My opinion is you should keep your price high slowly. Like increase 5 dollars now then increase some dollars after some days. Maybe this will not affect on your gig’s performance.

I’m not sure, but I think (PPD) point 7 might help with your main concern
As for the gigs themselves, check out (DES) point 7 and the (FAQ) section. Also check (PRF) 1.