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Do I send editable font to sellers?

When I design something that has a lot of text in it, and I’m using a font that I BOUGHT, can I provide the editable file to the client? Or should I expand the text to vector and then send it? Or ask the buyer to buy the font first, and then I’ll send it.

What I do currently, I expand the text and ask the buyer if they want any small changes in the text I can do it.


Definitively not. Buyer is not responsible for you choosing to use font that is not free. He doesn’t have to buy anything. You should provide him with font tff if you used font on your own. If he asked you to used that font then he needs to provide you with that font.

Proper way is to change all text to object and send it properly to client. If you send as text he will not have that font and program will automatically change font to closest available.


That’s exactly what I do right now. I expand all the text so its a vector object. I asked here just to make sure what I’m doing is correct.

Thank you!

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