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Do I watermark my video?


Hi guys,

Just having a bit of a dilemma, I’m just about to deliver one of my first orders that is a video and was thinking if I should watermark the video. Can the buyer not just download the video from a link o give them and never confirm the order if I don’t. I’ve seen a feature to activate watermark but I believe his is only for images?

What is standard practice for sending video? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hello there!

Fiverr watermarks the video file for viewing, but now downloading, so it’s slightly different to images.

However, you must deliver the final product without a watermark, otherwise you could get into trouble, and that wouldn’t be good.

So just deliver your video without a watermark, and everything should be fine - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


what if the buyer has bad intentions and just wants to order from you just to cancel when he gets the Video ?

i had this done to me many times, there are people that take advantage of this
not to mention that a cancel on your account is bad so it’s double bad ( waist of time and effort + no money )


No pay, wasted time, and bad account standing. Triple Bad!

I guess it’s beyond your control, I’ve had plenty of orders since I first posted this question and have had this happen to me many a time. That and the situation when people under supply you with assets and info and then expect you to magic them up something from nothing and want to cancel after you have tried your best. Fiver needs to be more protective of its up and coming sellers who actually invest a lot of time for little rewards. I know there are a lot of accounts that can smash through lots of a gig in an hour but the service o offer I actually take care, time and pride in my work so to spend hours on a job for little in return anyways it feels absolutely soul destroying for people to rip you off.

You have l my sympathy


If you’re feeling unsafe, send watermark video on Upload work and attached the main file in Upload source file.

Mention it in the delivery text that you have attached the main file in the source folder. I think this will help you.


I’ve delivered thousands of videos and have been fortunate enough never to come across a buyer with ‘bad intentions’, nor have I had a buyer cancel after delivery.

@sakhawat75 - there is no ‘upload source file’ available when delivering a video - you have to send the final delivery without a watermark.