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Do large or medium size businesses use Fiverr?

I am considering providing a Business Evaluation service but it is geared towards medium to large organization. The business must have a certain level of staffing and revenue in order for this service to “value added”.

Your input will be greatly appreciated.

I have actually dealt with incredibly large companies at times, but in most cases it’s a small business or individual. I would gear it towards small to medium organizations, but leave an option open for the larger ones to come in to consider your gig. In general in the end, it all depends on how you market it. If you hit the right keywords or the right niche, you’ll have people of all types ordering your gig to the point where it won’t matter if it’s a large business, small business or anyone really as you’ll have a huge volume of sales. I see some sellers on here with 100+ orders in queue + what I suspect to be a lot of them ordering extras. Maybe start with a simple service, and when you can put extras up expand it to sell to those that are looking for a more in-depth evaluation. Best of luck, :slight_smile:

I’d say about a third of my gigs come from larger business and brands.

About a sixteenth have come from very large brands or business. I used to be surprised. But not any more.

The rest, as stated comes from small business, brands or even personal.

At one point I offered online retail consultancy here. I attracted orders from companies worth a good few million dollars (recognizable brands in England). I have also sold Press Releases (and press release distribution in a slightly different style to the norm on Fiverr i.e. contacting journalists directly) to a few larger companies too. The first gig no longer exists as I was completely underselling the service.