Do meanies come in waves?


Is it just me, or do you ever get that bad gut feeling every so often, which is followed by dealing with multiple meanies/unresponsive buyers/moments of frustration all at once? It’s so strange how I can have a month of the happiest and most appreciative buyers, but then I’ll get this little handful of bad experiences all at the same time.

I’m still training myself not to get bothered by these occasional occurrences, and I’m well aware that it’s absolutely impossible to never encounter them. I even created a “refund” template so that I won’t have to create a written response to unhappy customers when I’m upset.

How do you guys cope with unhappy buyers?

Mr. Nice Guy - R.I.P

I am soooo picky with my buyers, I seldom get bad ones. But when I did, I usually ended up cancelling the order and giving them the work completed till then, knowing there’s no chance in hell they are going to be satisfied with my work.


Here is what I woke up to this morning in case you want to understand that you are indeed NOT ALONE on this day at least…

I have all but created a “refund template” because … to be blunt Stcylace , that sounds like selling yourself short and giving these troublesome buyers what they don’t deserve. I understand why you do it … I try to look at things from a third person perspective when it comes to refunds and if I have more fault in the matter , I’d certainly offer one… which I have before… especially when I didnt feel like I completed the task to my own standard (which is super high)

I dont give refunds to buyers because they are being mean… thats off the table instantly. Unhappy buyers are generally offered several solutions and 99% of the time they are more than happy with taking one of the solutions. The other 1% (and thats a pretty accurate percentage for us actually) just cannot be helped… Out of our 3 bad reviews… I think there a 3 or 4… and I think its only 2 different buyers leaving those reviews at one time. Thankfully they dont come in waves for me… (omg I’d be so irate)

But this is my experience today from a guy I spend probably 6 hours in total on his $50 video … and I want to puke about receiving 1.7 stars over it… Its a great video.


I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experience today, @videostore. That’s super frustrating, especially after delivering quality work! I totally agree with you that having a refund template, or even offering refunds at all may come across as selling myself short. But I kind of do it to avoid those extremely rare unjustifiably bad reviews. And when I do offer a refund, it’s actually before the buyer even asks for it. Like, if they come back at me with 8-9 revision requests on a $15 order, I figure that it’s probably not going to end well for me, which is why I offer a refund instead of continuing with their requests (or sometimes demands).

But sometimes it even just helps to type about all of this, or to share it with others who are most likely going through the same thing. I guess that’s why The Ranting Pot exists. :wink:


Bless you …there is no way I’d get up to 8 revisions… I too would offer a refund if it was $15. After the 1st or 2nd really… I’m THAT proactive about not receiving these kinds of reviews. This guy didn’t even let me know anything was an issue enough to warrant 1.7 stars… he kept it to himself like was just waiting to crap out that rating… shrugs

It does help to type it out … I proably should have typed my rant before my CS ticket but “oops” Way too many typos lol.


Ooh, no! Not full on revision requests. Wrong choice of words. Just a message detailing 8-9 things that he would prefer to have changed. :grin: Oh man, can you imagine… 8 revision requests. Nightmare.

But anyways, especially in your case, it’s a good time to scroll down your reviews and remind yourself of how happy 99.9999% of your buyers are. I looked at your reviews and it’s more than clear that you know what you’re doing!


haha I get it now! =P Phew …

– Yes thanks … people really do love what we do for them. Thats why It really erks me that there seems to be … statistically 1% of people that just suck lol… (350 reviews , and maybe 3-4 bad ones? Thats about 1% right?) And I think those reviews came from only 2 different people… I forget. =P Grrrr! Hope your day gets better dear!
I’m about to crack open a beer… I’m done! =)


Despite my posts on bad buyers, I actually rarely get them and if I do I get rid of them as soon as I can for my own peace of mind. Refund usually. Get them out of your life and out of your mind.



From the review: image was missing because I did not upload it to match the script that was provided, seller did not bring it to my attention

Erm, does that mean he forgot to upload the image and didn’t say anything and you callously delivered without including it!

If so, what a chump. I would take this to CS.


What that REALLY meant was…

He not only forgot to add THAT image… but he also included ANOTHER image that was not even discussed…
Not a big deal on this project… but he showed no sign of wanting to own up to paying for it. Nor did I bother him with it.

I delivered the video with all images except that one… which I could easily add later…
After all I was 99.99% done with the video… may as well deliver and have him look at it … that way I could make changes/modifications WHILE adding this picture he forgot to send in the first place… (And still save him the fee)
But I neglected to tell him my process there… Screw me right? Who knows how his brain works…

I kindly reminded him to make sure he is more diligent next time… because of 2 reasons…

  1. It causes sellers problems when everything isn’t sent in. (late timers , potential for bad reviews, etc…)
  2. We charge for rendering a video twice or for a client adding to , or modifying a video after we initially deliver.
  • This is generally reserved for true additions and not to punish the client for his mistake.
  • I’m not a pain… I didn’t bother charging the guy this fee… and I made that very clear.
  • It was my way to explain to him the proper expectations for future orders regarding me having to render a video and then later add/modify it… There is simply a charge… and this was a good time to let him know about it and nudge him into realizing that it can cause sellers problems when buyers forget their files or ADD MORE to the order… ( I didnt even mention that… I just wanted to make a nice video )

So … yea … in my book … this guy was a chump.
I do everything in my power to help people with any videos… Even the little $10-$20 ones. I spent over 4-5 hours on that $50 video and I wanted to do that because it had been a while since I took on a video that features only text + pictures… What gets me … Is he liked the video a lot… Just not the music… but wouldnt help me remedy that situation. And he based his review on the fact that he was upset about hearing that I have a fee that I WAIVED for him… So … some people just don’t know what the hell they are doing…

Oh oh … get this… Also … I extended the offer to put any music on that he could send me … point me to … or suggest I search for… He replies back “How would you expect me to know what music to pick if I dont know how the images and text would animate!?”

… This was after I sent him the 99.99% completed video… it was only missing 1 picture… clearly he had everything he needed to make a decision about which music may go well with everything…
But … again … minimal brain function.


Well, just know that you can imgur the entire gig and let this guy’s actual behavior shine through… I’ve only had to do it once. With the latest feedback upgrade buyers can no longer edit their review as before, which means that you can go to town.

And really tell the story. Basically, let them hang themselves.

Damn, I should offer a gig service for that. “I will destroy your bad buyer’s review via imgur” One wonders if a bad review on that gig would ever happen, and if that’s like too meta for Fiverr.


There’s a really nice Chrome extension called Full Page Screen Capture, it basically does what it says. It saves the trouble of taking screehshots of individual pages and grabs the entire page instead. Good for sending evidence of bad buyer behavior to Fiverr CS.

Even I am dealing with a meany right now.


@emmaki What do you mean “imgur the entire gig” …
I dont use imgur. You talking about uploading his high quality + supposedly bought images to imgur just to be a bugger? Not sure how that would make his true colors shine… what am I missing?

@silkroute Oh , I can screen capture like a pro… I’ve made video captures + explained my issues with CS before… After all , I specialize in presentations O_o… I’ve reported him to CS the same minute I got that review. I dont play around with crappy reviews… After this though ,I don’t think I’m going to care anymore. Kind of at the end of my rope trying to kiss arse here on fiverr. It’s sad because I’ve seen a lot of quality sellers come and go… and I see some of the top sellers here dealing with the same issues… I don’t think it’s going to change… some people just don’t know what they’re doing…


I mean the gig page, highlighting where he’s being an asshat in his communications. The actual delivery is irrelevant–it’s the screenshots of buyer behavior behind the scenes in other words.

EDIT: it’s not like buyer reviews are a thing, so it’s merely showing prospects that the real issue that led to the bad review was not your fault… and that this person is a dumbass, so his opinions and misleading review should be entirely discounted.


The forum front page currently has at least 4 people complaining about bad buyers, add my hat to that ring, I’m dealing with one too.

It seems meanies come in waves not just for individual sellers but for the entire Fiverr community.


Story time! I love bad buyer stories!


Oh I get it … screenshotting it , uploading it to imgur … and linking those images to the review?

Yes … I guess that would burn him several ways… and I have 40 days to put that into motion I believe…
Lets see if CS takes care of it before I get around to it =P

I come to them once or twice a year with a review like this… the last one was so blatantly inappropriate I got it fixed very quickly… but I had an issue with them telling me “Oh we only do this ONE time!” …
Yea… like it’s only gonna happen ONE time … Policing this is the least they could do to ensure the ratings system isnt being skewed. If someone didn’t like the music , I would be mildly upset at a 3 star rating… but 1.7 star… hell no… not when I can’t get the client’s help to make them happier…

@silkroute Today has been the day for this!! Care to vent your experiences? I’ve got some snacks handy … :wink:

EDIT - Sounds like “We” have some snacks ready :wink:


You got it. Of course, wait until CS reaches a verdict… if it doesn’t go your way, it’s time to cook with a firethrower.


First I see if making a revision is worth it to me. For a $10 or $20 order, it might be. So I click resolution center, and ask for a time extension- 1-3 days.

Or I submit a custom offer to make a revision.

Other times, I just refund the job.

It is upsetting, some days it feels like everyone is asking for a revision. On the other hand, I had a woman who gave me 4 stars for communication, 4 stars for service as described, and 2 stars for buy again. So I only got 3.5 Satisfactory Experience.

That’s frustrating, because she never said anything after I delivered.