Do (monetary) tips improve ratings?


Hey all! I was curious: do the number/amount of tips improve your overall rating as a seller on Fiverr? I’m still quite new (just a month in), and nearly all of my sellers have tipped me- well, save one lady who rated me 3 stars. Yikes!

Does Fiverr take that in account when deciding how to “rank” you? Thanks for looking!


The following is pure speculation, and no one here on the forum can give you a factual answer.

If you get tipped on a gig, regardless of amount, it should boost that specific gig slightly.


I had a $75 tip on a $150 order last month, plus many other extremely generous tips in the past year and my ranking hasn’t changed. Nothing but 5 star reviews and just about every order has been up-selled… and I’m still buried deep in the rankings, and many times behind Sellers with a 1 star review!


A tip should be its own reward and not affect ranking. I doubt it does now.