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Do more gigs add to the authenticity of the account?

Hello, There folks!

Its been more than a month that I had created my first gig, and since then I haven’t been contacted by a single buyer or got any orders.
I was wondering if it has anything to do with the number of gigs one has to create to gain the trust of Fiverr platform and to show the seriousness and interest in selling the services? Right now I just have one well-made gig but wanted to know if I should make more gigs in order to get my first order?

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Having more gigs doesn’t make you more trustworthy…


More gigs never mean that you are more authentic. A professional gig may bring lots of success if you can market it in proper way. You need to get in touch with target customer and sell what skill you have.

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Your one gig is in the most competitive category - logo design.

You have nearly 68k competitors in that category. That’s probably why you’re not getting orders.

Creating a few more gigs with fewer competitors would help - not because it’s more gigs, but because there are fewer competitors.

Do your research, spend some time on it … and craft the description to appeal to a niche market.


More gigs are not the solution to gain trust in Fiverr. Quality is important for a good gig. But you should create more quality gigs on your niche to get more buyer request. In terms of not getting contact with the buyer, do not wait for the buyer to come for you. And bid every day to reach the buyers and get the projects.