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Do multiple gig ratings affect an overall score?

I get that each gig seems to be separate in rating from your other gigs, but is there an overall score of all the gigs combined? So far I’m doing really well with just my one gig, but I’d like to add 2 more, but I’m worried those ones will be slightly harder and possibly drag down my score, which might turn people off from my one biggest gig.


Your overall score is under your name. Mine is 96%. That’s based on all gigs.

Then your individual gigs have a score based on reviews.

Flyer Gig
3 Reviews 5.0 Stars

Brand Name Gig
1099 Reviews 4.6 Stars

Email Gig
136 Reviews 4.9 Stars.

So don’t be afraid to start a new gig. If your first 3-5 reviews are positive, that’s a great sign that it’s a good gig. If your first review is negative, that’s a problem. What you can do to avoid negative reviews is tell buyers that if they don’t like your work, they can click “resolution center” and start the refund process.