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Do my clients see the collaboration tool on images I send them?

I sometimes send images to my clients on the order page. They first appear as small thumbnails on the page which my clients can click on to have them open up larger sized. The collaboration tool pops up.

Do my clients see that pasted over the image I send when they click on the little thumbnail I send them?


I guess so, it goes away when you click through the “collaboration walk-through”, and the second time you click the image, it doesn’t overlay the image again. You’ll only see a tool tip “+ Add annotation” when you move the cursor over the image.

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Now I will have to figure out some convoluted way around that.

Perhaps there’s an explanation article in the Buyer Help Center that you could link the customer to if you fear they might not figure it out themself, I don’t know, though, I didn’t check.

I should be able to send them an image without that somehow. It’s important to my process.

Send the image via message instead of the order page?

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Good suggestion except it’s part of the order. I have some steps I use for the order involving some images. I suppose I could send links to dropbox for them.
Maybe upload some screenshots?