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Do new sellers get orders when they have high prices?

So I am a new seller on fiverr but have a lot of experience when in comes to logo design and adobe software’s.
I usually charge around $275 to $1000 for a logo design but as a new seller here on fiverr I am only charging $10.
Will people come and buy my gig because its cheap or is it just a myth?
I am open to discussions
Have a great day!


It all comes down to luck.

I charge also a lot more than my listed prices and just now i am working on a logo for client but I already see it is not worth it.

Situation is complicated. Client really likes one icon that is free PNG on internet. I can twig it a little but still 90% is that icon from internet. I tried with something unique but he really likes that one.

So, on my end, I still did the work, I created all in vector, brand guidelines and all, but bottom line, logo itself is not “vau” factor design wise since it is just available icon twigged a little.

So, how do I charge this, what do I charge? My time?

Regarding getting customers for logo, unfortunately 85% of people who come here to buy logo are kids, twitch, you tube small businesses. They do not understand what logo really is (since most of them gladly accepts to receive logo in PNG only #facepalm) and that creating Icon takes time, and you pay for the time. Even if you do not like the final outcome, you should pay for the time taken to develop it.

I am seriously thinking of deleting my both logo GIGs since it is pointless.

Maybe, but you need to realize you will be drawing all day for 4$. They will ask for this, and that, and this… and all of that takes time.

I spent whole day yesterday back and forward just to get the dollar sign he likes best. That is a whole day of work, and who knows how much will I charge all of that at the end. Definitely not as I should.


Hello, @optical_designs
Firstly welcome here as the seller.
Here in Fiverr 90%, it’s all about your LUCK to get the sale and the remaining 10% is base on your skills. But new sellers get more chance to get sales rather than old sellers
So get ready to test your luck.
best of luck for the future.

Thank You.


(Regarding getting customers for logo, unfortunately 85% of people who come here to buy logo are kids, twitch, you tube small businesses.) I think you are completely true as nowadays people charge $5 for a logo which leaves a bad impression in the graphic design industry according to my opinion.
Here is what I am planning to do,
So I will charge $5 to the first five or even the first customer after I get the first order then I am planning to charge around $275 for a logo.
Let me know what you think
Thanks for letting me know about this

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Thanks a lot
I am a very unlucky person :sweat_smile:
Most of the money I have earned is done trough hard work
Any tips to get luckier?

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I started selling 3-4 months ago (before that I was just a buyer).

I had 2 buyers two months ago and I have my prices as is. For the logo, there are 157782 Services available so that is a lot of sellers and competition.

To get first five fast it is only possible by hanging out all day on Buyers request.

If you increase your prices or keep them after 5 or even 20 orders, there is no guarantee you will be hired.
There is definitely need for logos, but people go to TRS and Level 2 sellers like magnets.
Check this out (today info):


So right now as we speak there are minimum 5000 people buying logos on Fiverr with 24 turn around.

How are these seller going to deliver 100 different logos in 24 hours, when they are going to communicate with all of their clients (keep in mind I had one client yesterday and we spent entire afternoon exchanging sketches). And why do people buy from them when they see they are 135 in queue?


Thank you so much for the detailed reply really appreciate your time this may also help other new sellers.
Have a great day!

Wow, such a pleasure to here this

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This is not about luck… it depends of your point of view, but i don’t believe in luck and you can’t depend of this.

When i started i offered my prices for $30-$50… and i don’t received any orders or messages… what did i do? I used everyday the “Buyer Request Page” where we can send 10 offer per day (300/month) and work with the budget of the clients.

Of course is not easy, the Buyer Request have spam, some requests are unfair, and other offers have low budget… but this help and new sellers need focus on this (this is my advice)

Don’t expect have a great result in the beginning, today i don’t need use the buyer request anymore, but i needed to dedicate months for this. In the plataform you will be able to charge more when you having some reviews and reach new level, like the level “Top Rated Seller”


Thanks a lot,
I am trying to send 10 requests per day but as a new seller here we dont see buyer requests often but I am trying my best to come as frequently as possible.

I don’t know how the buyer requests is working now… but the Fiverr update the page all day, and you will see just some requests, but in determid hour you will see like 20 requests or more… “example 9am, 1pm, 5pm” (of course this depends of your timezone you need find out).

You see is not about lucky, is about dedication you need follow all day the buyer request to discover the hour where the Fiverr send a lot of requests. The things will become more easy with the time, with the first reviews, reaching new levels.


I am super dedicated and passionate on what I do and always ensure efficiency and quality. I am dedicated to send 10 offers per day and also I have watched more than hundreds of videos on fiverr as well as youtube to rank up,writing a description,etc.
I mainly came here to help people by providing quality designs for their business which can help them gain the edge to stand out.
Thanks a lot I really appreciate your time, I will try my best to get the first order.
Thanks for motivating me to move on


I genuinely fail to see the logic behind this.

If you have/had a client base who at some point was willing to pay you $1000 for a logo (which is an accomplishment in itself), why even bother acquiring $10 client base on fiverr? Is the plan to later edit the gig, change the terms and portfolio samples but keep all the 5* $10 reviews?

To answer your question, no. I know quite a few people who came to fiverr and “brought” their regular prices with them. The issue with minimalist logos specifically is that they become hard to sell for $1000 on the platform that normalizes low prices for logos. People are visual creatures and if you’re selling something for hundreds of dollars when the seller right next to you is selling a thing that looks very similar for $10, you’re not going to win.

If you do have a genuine $1000 client base, I’d recommend to try and apply to become a Pro seller. I don’t know if fiverr accepts Pro applications in logo category this very moment but I’d give it a go if they do.


COVID - for me is the answer. Everyone is out of the job and income or saving money for tomorrow’s black days.
I went from making 2000$ to zero in 4 months. Most of my coworkers switched work industry (those who could), those who remained are working 8-20 every day for 50% less salary, all in order to survive.

They do not. Logo is unavailable for PRO at the moment.


Gee, I wonder why.

In any case, OP. I’d remove the toucan logo from your portfolio and replace it with another bird, any bird that isn’t front and center in a portfolio of all of your closest competitors. Then double or triple your $10 and see how it goes. You have nothing to lose just yet. You might as well roll in in style.

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I AM SORRY but this is really crossing the line!!!

You used SATORI logos in your portfolio?!?

Satori is like famous designer and YouTuber and no, I am not going to ask you to replace photos.

I am reporting your entire profile as we speak to get it removed from Fiverr.

This is an insult.


This is precisely why I was a bit skeptical about the whole “I’m a $1000 designer willing to work for $10” narrative. Except I was more triggered by the toucan.


And his commercial GIG is cropped video from here

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I’ll let you on a little dirty secret. Your usual graphic logo consists of the visual/graphic element and the lettering/font/text if you will. And usually, if the entire piece was designed by the same person with the same level of skill you’ll see the font match the graphic. You won’t ever have to go: “I wonder why they chose this font in particular? It doesn’t fit at all. It’s like they took the graphic from somewhere else and slapped some random lettering on top of it”.


Except in cases when client asks me to use in logo: Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried to give more “fancy” options but I strike out.