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Do new sellers stand any chance in an already saturated market?

Hi, I am returning to Fiverr after being absent for over three years due to personal circumstances.

I remember when I ran my first gig away back then I received my first order within a few hours. I became a level 1 seller in my first month!!

Now, I haven’t received a single message or order in four days! I see when I search my gig I have to specifically change the tab to “new seller”.

Why is this? why would a buyer want to search through new buyers when only the top rated sellers are being waved in their face.

Do you guys think the market is too saturated for new sellers?


Only if you want to deal with the fact that Fiverr is more open to scammers than ever before.


I agree that the market is pretty saturated but it’s also true that the market is saturated with a lot of people with no talent, no idea how to communicate with buyers or build quality relationships and absolutely no will to seek any kind of self-improvement.

In short. If you have real talent, are willing to work hard and can communicate clearly and courteously, you will be fine.

You said it right. There is nothing to worry about for new sellers. Do not make excuses. It’s still an open field for anyone with some ability.

It’s fairly saturated but if you carve a unique enough gig, buyers will still find you. Just offer something no-one else is offering whether that means in your case for example the fast transcription, higher word-count, and to do keyword research and experiment. I had a gig with nearly 0 sales a while back that is now one of my best sellers simply because of the change of a keyword. Don’t focus on too many keywords as it kind of will bury you in the results. Best of luck. :slight_smile: