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Do not ask Buyers to leave a 5 Star Review [ARCHIVED]


We all love to receive a 5 Star Positive Review as this brings a warm smile to our faces, as it signifies another written trophy on our page for our excellent services provided. Even though we strive for this it must be noted that while it seems to be common practice among some Sellers especially up and coming Sellers to ask, request or even demand a 5 Star review; Sellers must be reminded that is against Fiverr’s FEEDBACK POLICY as this will result in a detrimental effect on the marketplace.

(Tip)If your Service provided: is very high quality, you provide excellent Customer Service, you always seek to put the Buyer’s interest first and you deliver above and beyond the Buyer’s expectation; you will never have to ask for a 5 star review as these will flow naturally as Fiverr intended!


Admin Note: It is not against Fiverr’s policies to request any review. It is against ToS to demand a review. Asking for a review may or may not be a good idea and is something for user’s to consider as individuals.


@writerlisaz I can understand your standpoint while understanding that each Seller and Buyer may have a different way of doing things and it doesnot mean it is wrong.

There is nothing in the TOS that says that.

Additionally, fiverr actively encourages sellers to ask for good ratings on their official blog in this post:

Here is a screengrab from that blog post:

And here is the relevant TOS section where it says nothing at all about sellers requesting good feedback:

Please stop spreading misinformation. Just do your research before you post.

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@sabiansoldier please review this policy by Fiverr,

@sabiansoldier - I believe @legalteam is just reminding us that to demand only a 5 star review in the description or anywhere else in relation to a buyer is against the policy.

In general, though, after completing a work, the buyer can be asked, but not forced to provide a review of the seller’s choice vs the buyer’s opinion.


The service I received for the gig I requested was speedy, included a lot of revisions, but was not as creative as I had hoped for, so I reflected this in my review. So now the seller sends me multiple emails being all upset and asking me to change my reviews. It’s really childish, and the seller needs to understand that her work is not great. My experience now is cheap cost cheap results - I won’t be coming back to Fiverr again.

If someone did 100% qualify work and ask 5 start feedback. is it wrong?
and sometime worker provide best work and client put 3 or 4 star good feedback and said (good work, excellent, best seller etc)
so which one is wrong or right?

I’ve never ask for a five stars rating but I encourage the buyer to leave a rating

This is the usual message I post when I make a delivery

Please, don’t forget to leave a rating to help me to further promote my services! It’s like “spread the word about Sergio” Thank you!

Upon delivering an order, I have it built into my custom messages I use to request the buyer leave me feedback/rating. A lot buyers don’t take the time and this is detrimental to the seller trying to build ratings.

I believe it is totally acceptable to respond to a buyers compliment of good work by asking them to reflect their sentiments as such into a positive review. But it is unethical to ask them or dictate what exactly to leave - or manipulate them into doing so by withholding something.


You should change your name from LegalTeam to “I Don’t Read TOS”. :slight_smile: There is nothing in the TOS that says you can’t ask.

Rather you ask or not, is up to you. So all those who say you shouldn’t ask and if that is what you want to do, fine. Otherwise, as long as it is not illegal or against the TOS, do what you think works for your gig and for you.

Good Luck.

Here is exactly what I say on every delivery: “Let me know if you have any questions. I hope my work is satisfactory for you. If it is, I will appreciate very much if you can give me a 5-star rating as it helps me a lot here on Fiverr.”

In my wording, I try to be very gracious and not begging or demanding in any way. I do want my buyers to know that I highly depend on 5-star reviews in order to stay in business on Fiverr. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with politely asking for good reviews. The buyer still has every right to leave a lower review and/or not review my work at all.

When a buyer doesn’t leave a review but leaves a very positive comment, I don’t mention it again–it’s just that one time in the delivery message. I probably should ask them again, but I don’t because after the one time, it feels like too much. I guess we all have to do what feels right for us.

Many buyers don’t realize that a 3 or 4 star review brings ratings down and they feel that is an appropriate way to rate orders even when they’re happy with work provided. It’s okay to suggest it in a way that is not demanding or begging. I have a delivery message thanking people for ordering blah blah and I ask buyers to leave 5 stars if they are satisfied but to tell me if they feel my service was any less than that. It works very well. I usually get 5 stars but there are a few occasions when buyers would have rated me less than 5 stars, so I have a chance to fix whatever it is they didn’t like.

Why not? This is my message when I deliver an order:


I wrote X for you.

If you like my work, please give me a 5-star review.

If you don’t, click “Resolution Center” and demand a refund.

Please, no bad reviews.

Thanks for your order!


In the past, I wouldn’t have written “If you don’t, click “Resolution Center” and demand a refund.” But now I do it for the following reasons.

  1. Some buyers don’t know how to demand a refund
  2. Some buyers get angry and leave a 1-star review
legalteam said: you will never have to ask for a 5 star review as these will flow naturally as Fiverr intended!

Most buyers forget to leave reviews. Besides, Fiverr also intended for buyers to make revisions, I rarely do those . While Fiverr is the platform, this is YOUR business, your money, so you have to do what works for you.

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I have a strategical tactic for this in my closing of deliveries and it works very well as many buyers either don’t like or care to rate, and some just forget. You can already count on 30% of buyers to not rate, so whatever you can do within the parameters to maximize the ratings you do get is essential.
DTong (TRS)

@steveeyes your very funny, I like the humor nonetheless; please understand my intentions, you and I didnot get positive review by forcing any one we provided quality work, correct?

Even though in some instances Buyer do forget and nothing is wrong with a reminder

guy from Pakistan asked for 5 star review…but I left 1 star cause he did not deliver what was ordered…horrible…really hard to trust fiverr
check my reviews I guess you will see who he is…beware

What I have done is, after we’ve agreed they are happy with the final version, I deliver it and ask if it’s possible that they leave a review. So far all of them have left 5/5 stars :slight_smile: But I only have 3 completed orders as of right now lol

David said : “The least you could do would be to leave no review at all, or to simply request a refund. In this situation, insisting on leaving a negative review that will clearly damage this Seller’s chances of future income is simply cruel.”

boohoo…IMHO as buyers we should know if someone is untalented…I see many who seem to be using cut and paste designs really not that great…what is wrong with an honest review? Not cruel

Now…I just left a one star review for a real scammer who is not answering me tho he was so pushy and eager before. I will be happy to tell anyone and everyone about him

I did ask for a refund but in the mentime I will do whatever I can to get him outta here haha

I asked for a refund for hours. IMHO he dissed me with what he sent me.

I asked for someone who had 2 themes - needed to own developer lic…I want to use the theme for myself…they could sell and I install or they install,no problem.

I was real specific. The theme…btw…sells in bundle for about 50 cents per theme when on “sale” but right now not on sale…so I requested. He replied and a he was very eager (pushy)

I installed the theme…and…it was a free theme…with the ad in header and footer…and a link to buy the theme for 20 bucks…plus it was the wrong theme.

He did not have developer license…he sold me a free version I could get from wordpress itself LOL

Now…I think this is a far cry from not liking a graphic, making changes. I wanted to be sure he had right to the theme…and wanted that theme…he sold me a different theme (very old one btw)…free version…with huge ad on top and footer and sign saying go here to remove the ad - and pay $20.

I feel like the ha-ha was on me.

I think it is a buyer’s choice if he/she likes your service, it will be given a five star.