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Do not ask customers for services


I do not get requests yet, I’ve been on fiverr since 2016, what’s the problem? , But I apply all terms and conditions


I think there might be a lot of reasons: very low activity on Fiverr, poor gigs’ promotion, poor gigs’ descriptions…Actually there are a tons of reasons…



I remained inactive for my first few years but once I came back and created some new gigs.
Buyer requests start appearing.

Please try making some new gigs.
Please don’t copy paste your gigs be original.
Please visit Fiverr regularly.
Please download Fiverr App on android.

Best of Luck.


Thank you for this advice.strong text


keep patience and make some new gigs with eye catching picture, marketing them on social media maybe then you able to figure out your problem @anwarahmed490


how?? please share your great Experience?