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Do not be fooled by these editors

Hi, I’m a writer from Italy, and when I saw Fiverr for the first time, I thought it was the solution to my financial problems. I paid an editing for one of my books that I translated into English.

Now that I’ve found a publisher willing to read my manuscript, I realized that I was cheated.

At the time of delivery of the work, I examined only the notes written in red, on the confidence of a native person who wrote that has a degree in foreign letters. Instead, the work is full of mistakes, some very coarse.

I wasted my money and I’m risking of wasting a great job opportunity.

Be careful to read back only the notes in red, you have to do the work all over again.
This is not professional.

I am very disappointed by this site because I will not trust any more accounts with many positive reviews…

Why are you disappointed with the site? You should be disappointed with the seller who did your work badly, not Fiverr. There was even a 2 star review on the person you decided to order from. One negative out of three reviews (as well as the low, low price) should have told you that this person was not right for the job.

I’m not excusing the seller, but buyers need to check the sellers they use and the most basic way of doing that is through the reviews. I’m not sure what a degree in foreign letters is but I would never take claims about degrees, qualifications or certificates too seriously here, there is no way to verify them.
The apostrophe that the seller put on the plural of gigs was also not the best endorsement of their proofreading abilities.

Most of the proofreading gigs I’ve seen are not good; the blind leading the blind.

It does seem that everyone that has ever seen a dictionary now wants to offer a proofreading service! It is seen as an easy gig to do, it’s just reading etc. Wrong!
I have only ever lost 1 star (for service as described) in over 70 proofreading orders. The reason? Apparently I missed an apostrophe that shouldn’t have been there. I still don’t know if the client was right or not and this was a 12,000 word document. That is the level of accuracy that is required for proofreading, not a quick run through MS Word or Grammarly or other glorified spellchecker!

when I saw Fiverr for the first time, I thought it was the solution to my financial problems.

Yes, well, I can see the problem here on both sides. It seems like it was a match made in heaven. There’s a good saying in English: “pay peanuts, get monkeys”. This is especially true of professional work.

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As an American with a couple of college degrees I’ve never heard of a degree in foreign letters.

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I think it means they watched Sesame Street a lot