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Do not believe buyers when they say they will give you plenty of orders!

When I first started, all I wanted was more orders and I had a lot of buyers tell me, if I give them a special price, they will order more from me in the future and it would be a long term relationship. So, I gave them a good price and you know what happened after I delivered?


Nothing happened. I never heard from them ever again. Some of my best buyers who come back month after month never asked for special prices and never told me about a “long term relationship”, they just come back and order.

Has this happened to you?


True! 3000 orders later and the ones that said that never came back. I have had many repeat customers but they never made those promises.

I never work with people that are holding a carrot in front of my nose saying they will give me more work in the future.

I give a different proposal to everyone who comes with “give me a discount and I’ll give you more work”. I’m telling them that “sure, I’ll be happy to work long term. Our first order will be at my original price and if everything goes well I’ll be happy to give discounts for future orders”.
Most of those disappear with a lightning speed after that.

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or…, they ask you for bulk order and ask discounted price…,
and then they ask to pay you by one each project…,
This is another trick to get a cheaper rate from you

Yeap same thing happening with me also, I thought i didnot serve them properly but when its becoming a daily thing i think its not my fault.

Thats a really cool trick. I will apply it from today. Thank you.

Yep. Very true, I do the same thing and as usual, you never hear from them again.