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Do not buy any gig that says they drive "real" traffic to your site!

These are scams and for some reason Fiverr isnt interested in removing them or hindering their business in any way. Here’s how this works- supposed web traffic specialists offer a way to drive real traffic to your site for a low fee. When you pay they collect your web address and send you a analytics link that shows the traffic being sent to your site. The then offer a slightly longer period of traffic boost free if you leave a good review. Traffic spikes the very second they make your gig active, not gradually but immediately at a much, much higher level than it’s normal rate.

What the scammer is banking on is that you dont check your software on your site or analyze your new traffic. If you do analyze it, you instantly find that this is NOT real traffic, but a bot that’s repeatedly visiting over and over again. Your bounce rate skyrockets, making it impossible to gauge your real traffic and if you check the search words that led these “visitors” to your site, there never is any provided (because its not a real person visiting your site).

If you’ve ordered ANY of these gigs, CHECK YOUR BOUNCE RATES AND LOOK AT RECENT SEARCH WORDS THAT LED CUSTOMERS TO YOUR SITE. You’ll see the search words are all blank and that suddenly your bounce rate is obscenely high when it wasnt anywhere near that before, all clear signs of automated traffic.

What makes matters worse is that Fiverr rates them as trusted sellers because of the “longer boost” option they offer in exchange for a positive review. Many of these people dont look at the traffic theyre now getting and think that all these people are looking at their products and are uninterested. How awful that must be for those people! I already have a decent amount of sales at my site and analyze my traffic often, so I was able to see the drastic change with all of these gigs and identify them for the scam they are.


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Reply to @willpower_hk: yeah, probably would have been a good idea. still, im wondering why Fiverr doesnt do anything about it. theyre obvious scams

Reply to @willpower_hk: and thank you for your “you should have done your research first” post. cheers!

@blueshirtdesign :

You should do a little research on Google or Fiverr forum before you purchased such gigs. Just Google “Avoid Website Traffic Scams on Fiverr” and you’ll see how you were scammed by website traffic sellers here. There are some posts about these scams on this forum too.

Reply to @blueshirtdesign:

Several reasons:

  1. More profits… most buyers are ignorant (Yes, including me, or probably you too, but I’ve been smarter after being scammed once)
  2. Not involving third party complaint (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, DC Comics, Marvel, Envato…)
  3. Hard to prove violation of TOS (All the sellers have disclaimers - sales and conversions not guaranteed)
  4. Unless you spend tremendous time filing a very detailed report analyzing the traffic and explaining in lots of words… Fiverr won’t do anything. I still doubt if it’ll do anything even if you file a detailed report.

its a good thing we keep commenting. maybe more people will read it and be a little more aware of Scamrr, i mean Fiverr

To me, when you refer to fiverr as “Scamrr” it really disparages of all us that participates here.

Fiverr is a marketplace, and like many marketplaces, virtual or real… you have good “sellers and buyers” and bad “sellers and buyers.” The key to being a good consumer, of course, is to know what’s too good to be true :slight_smile:

As a consumer yourself who’s discovered this the hard way, I’d hope that others do just what you did and try to help educate them so they don’t make a similar mistake. But lets not make this all about fiverr :slight_smile:


You shouln’t say all traffic gigs offer bot traffic. Some of us make sure the quality is opposite. Even my services have captchas and other multi stage bot protection features in place, so it’s literally impossible to get a bot from my end. There’s also IP blocks in place so it’s not possible to get the same person twice to your site. So please verify all the gigs in the traffic category before throwing wild accusations.

Always check the amounts a gig is offering. Does it give unlimited traffic? Then it’s obviously junk traffic, possibly even bots included.

Does the gig only give a ten or a hundred visitors? Then it’s likely to be real traffic, approx the same it would cost from adwords. Real traffic is expensive, and you won’t get it in the thousands, or even hundreds usually.

Keep in mind that 90% of traffic gigs don’t offer targeting, so it won’t convert in any way even if you get it in the tens of thousands. Purchased traffic always has high bounce rate, as people aren’t searching for your site.


Reply to @adsensewizard: In a “smart” buyer’s point of view, I’d rather invest in AdWords rather than buying on Fiverr. One is that we know exactly how AdWords works as disclosed by Google, instead of the vague and shady description here on Fiverr due to “market secret”. Another is that I bet no services on Fiverr can be more targeted than AdWords traffic. People are betting on " keywords"!.

Reply to @willpower_hk: True. Adwords is the best. Nothing beats google traffic, as those people are searching for your keyword. It’s often very expensive for some niches though, so SEO is the better choice for permanent results. Takes more effort, but gets same traffic.

FB ads is very similar but a lot cheaper, and allows tons of targeting options. Still, even thousands of hits rarely leads into affiliate sales for example, as it’s social traffic.

i am online marketer too but still now i dont have any idea to get traffic in a shortcut way. as per my knowledge if some one offer website traffic this could be fake . the best way to gain more traffic to your site is better ranking nothing else and only seo could provide this.

Unfortunately, I am newbye and 2 weeks ago
I was too ignorant to understand and I bought one! Luckily not the unlimited one, because I was rather unsure about…

You may check your datas, anyway, if you bought already:
Check on Google Analytics Records:

This kind of spammed traffic has these recognizable parameters:
Average Session Duration: is on majority equal to 0:00, impossible to do by a human!
and the
Organic Search: channel is often equal to (not provided)
Further more, confirming that this is a non human robot is the
Bounce rate: is around 100%

tsweezey: I may agree with you, despite is not a fault not to be the world’s expert of everything or the ultimate spin doctors

I will suggest to do not give Gigs reviews suddendly, as soon they have been delivered through an e-mail box and not properly checked under performing. For these kind of services it takes time to understand if the Fiverrs works properly and honestly, especially when it is about a result that is on progress lasting more than a week.
I learned not to give them asap.

I am still trying to fit my problem but I hope to be helpful to others!

I wish I had read this thread before I purchased a traffic gig late last week. The seller has almost 30K glowing reviews and almost 100 orders in his/her queue. So, I thought it was legit. Lesson learned.

One more thing. Yesterday morning I woke up to find 3 spam orders for “SEO” gigs, something that never happened until I ordered this gig. I refused them but they are still listed on my dashboard page.

please let us know which results you get.

I am sure it has been mentioned already. Google doesn’t play that homie. If you’re trying to be indexed it takes time and effort. Purchasing Adwords does pay off. I would recommend listening to SEO and marketing books to get educated on the process…

Anyone got the realy traffic?

Well, I’m thinking to open an SEO Ranking gig here on Fiverr too but with a different approach and I’m not gonna charge 5 to 10 usd. I’m gonna charge solid $200 - $250 for ranking them on SERP