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DO NOT buy CC0 bundle videos on Fiverr without LICENCE check

Yes. I am soooo happy.

Now my entire Google account and my other PRO channel that is monetized is at risk because of this video.

I asked seller to send me samples before purchase and I got 6 files, randomly uploaded one for testing and … 7 months later this.

let’s all be happy…


That’s horrible! :scream:

At least if it is your first strike, you should be able to continue posting after a week according to this… Community Guidelines strike basics - YouTube Help
That does not make it any less terrible, though.


Can you check whether it was a legit copyright claim and if not can you dispute it?
I assume it says if it’s the video image that was specified as infringing and not the audio.
Though I’m not sure if you should have uploaded the seller’s sample if it wasn’t from an order that you made.

Maybe it would be difficult to check for in future as it’s harder to check for video copyright infringement than images (where you could use google image search). Though maybe you could do an image search for a few frames from a video.

Oh, I got the email address of copyright claimant and send him a detailed email about Fiverr, trust me.

I asked to remove the claim and shared the video I got, and deleted the video from channel.

If that doesn’t work I will file a complaint on the copyright note and send the same message to YouTube.

I mean, it is a cooking video and I can not even boil an egg. To be in this mess over cooking video.

Yep, they took videos from the cooking channel with 2M subscribers, removed the watermark, quite professionally.

Mixing the marbles here, they are selling 1000 videos bundle to use in social media. That is the GIG, that is the service. Get dropbox link and download videos.


Did you report the seller?

He is no longer on site.
So I am really frustrated because strike is valid on my entire Google and AdSense account, even if the YT channel is under different email.

If you lose AdSense that is it, no return in Google environment.

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More than likely a disposable account.

I can see where this is frustrating for you. I am sorry you are having these issues. Is this the seller you found in BR?

No, search results. And in most cases those “1000” “5000” videos motivational, cooking fitness are selling the same Dropbox set. I just found the same video on Facebook with a different logo in the corner.

I contacted the creator of the video. If she doesn’t respond I will go to YouTube.

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I recommend that you buy the videos in videohive :slight_smile:


I reached out to the original owner of the video, gave her all the evidence where did video originated and how it is part of a bundle being promoted and sold as CC0 videos, I confirmed seller is no longer on the Fiverr site, also used my “extra bonanza” skills to trace is a video somewhere else online published, send results to the owner.

And she retracted the strike so my YT account is now CLEAN and sparkling.


I have plans for my next video series, I “just” have to finish other ongoing things.


Hmm. So you asked for a “sample,” stole it and got demonitized for not paying. Sounds to me you’re a scammer who got what they deserved!

Wow! That is terrible! I am afraid to use Fiverr sellers images etc. for this very reason. You cannot just take something off the internet and publish it as your own, or worse sell it. The seller is probably off Fiverr due to doing this to others.

If you had been following the story you would know that @marinapomorac purchased this video from a Fiverr seller. She is not a scammer.

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I hope you’re kidding, otherwise you’ll end up in foie gras


This was 6-9 months ago. And also our conversation in the inbox is not there anymore so I guess Fiverr erases conversations you had with users that are no longer available on the platform.

In the video metadata, they are all created in 2017 so my guess is someone collected all the videos from Youtube in one bundle and sells them as is (and resellers too, so they can not really check all the videos, over 4000 of them in each category). They all act upon belief it is a collection of CC0 videos.

From the free 6 samples provided for testing I picked randomly one for testing and it was all over YouTube on multiple channels with different logos in the corner so that lead me to believe it was really CC0. After he sent free samples for testing he went silent. Issues with Dropbox, but I can’t confirm since he is not in my inbox anymore.

I completely forgot about the video since I do not cook. It was unlisted or private so not even visible on my channel.

From all the videos in the bundle available cooking was extra that I did not need and I used that one for testing. :woman_facepalming:

@vickiespencer I should have deleted the video he sent for free, for testing, after he stopped responding to messages, but videos set to unlisted and private are not visible, and the concept of cooking is so abstract to me I completely forgot about the video.

I wanted to buy the bundle for Excel files included, not the videos.

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I don’t see a single line where she actually mentioned making a purchase, but if she actually did then it’s my mistake.

  1. At least I use periods.
  2. I see nowhere where she actually claimed to make a purchase. I just see a “sample” that a buyer copy/pasted in because they have a small collection of sample videos. When they saw the sample, they probably claimed it.
  3. That is honestly just cheesy. Foie gras?

This is what led me to understand that @marinapomorac purchased the files.

If your post is last on the topic you can just add on it, no need to make consecutive posts.

No, he doesn’t have a collection of sample videos, he has a bundle of actual videos. I wanted to know are they free to use on YT and he sent me a couple for free for testing. I first check the screenshot, then uploaded it and waited to see what will YT say. When there was no warning, I wanted to buy the whole bundle (because of Excel files included, not the videos) and he stopped responding. This was all in a period of a week or two, so not a one-day process. I waited for a response and obviously now that I look, it never happened.

The video I uploaded was set to private/unlisted so I forgot about it.

Videos in bundle supposed to be free to use commercially as is.

He was one of the rare sellers to have Excel files that are categorized. Many have original, uncategorized Excel so that is why I waited for his reply.

It is OK @vickiespencer he is making a good point here given that I could be THAT kind of person, but I am not, and he doesn’t know that.

Without knowing “me”, this is just a random topic by some buyer who took samples from the seller and run of with them, so I get it completely.

The time frame was I wanted to buy. Since I was paying for the videos I did not want to waste 100GB of space and internet download unusable videos, he offered free samples to put on my YT for testing, I just picked one randomly from the I think 12-18 provided (different categories), at the time all was OK; I wanted to purchase the bundle, waited, he did not respond, I forgot to remove the video.

I did not use any of the files he sent except that one directly uploaded to YT.

To use a sample provided by the seller without permission from the seller and/or actual purchase is not correct.

I did not “use” the file, I had permission from the seller to upload it to my YT, it was just uploaded privately to see will the YT copyright system be triggered.


I asked seller to send me samples

Samples, not work. She uploaded a sample of the seller’s unpaid work to “test” them without making a purchase and got demonetized. She never specified she actually purchased…