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Do not buy from this seller

Do not order anything from this seller …I ordered 5000 fb likes as a gift to my company…they got mad at me and they told me to undo the process…i asked the buyer less than 24hrs after I she delivered the order to undo the process …no response from the seller to date…I even said in my message to the buyer that they could either keep the money or put it to another gig …I dont want a refund…now i may lose my job because of this buyer…here is a link to the buyer fragglesrock

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The likes will probably disappear soon enough…

Seriously, you don’t need to post this so much. I’ve seen at least four instances of your complaint on the forum. There’s nothing much you can do now, except possibly complain to Customer Support, but there’s nothing much they can do.

It’s not this seller’s fault that you might lose your job, it’s wrong to

blame this person.

Also, sometimes it takes several days for a seller to respond to a message since

they are busy themselves.

I guess you had good intentions when you bought the gig for your

company, but still you shouldn’t have bought that gig in the first place.

I hope you get to keep your job, but still, you can’t really blame the buyer.

You need to understand that purchasing likes is bluntly fraud.

You are fooling people that view the page thinking they have so many likes.

On the other hand the seller was simply delivering the order…

I wish you best of luck with your job

Best Of Luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

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Thank you very much to zeus777 you are right but I think sanchasamara right too because a buyer give me a order,when i complete his job then he told me that all followers is bot but i don’t know what is bot? At last he cancel my order but i am very request him "sir please believe me…

But i am fall in loss.He dont hearing so i want to say FIVERR please make a rules and terms for this seller problem.

Thanks for all

Reply to @shiponperves: I don’t see how they are right at all. Beside the fact that buying likes is against Facebook’s TOS, why should the seller now do more work without pay because the buyer made an error in judgment?

Reply to @shiponperves: bot means that those followers are not from humans, but from fake accounts driven from some pc with scripts.

And Facebook is able to recognize them and remove them very quickly; so you’re going to lose your money and your fake followers.

By the way, do you really expect someone selling thousands likes for $5? Come one, let’s face the real world please!! If you want real followers, pay for targeted advertising!!

If you want to buy a Ferrari and someone is selling it for $1000, you know that that car is not a Ferrari or it’s stolen… so who is selling it is to blame, but you are to blame too!!

You may have had good intentions, but you are certainly not about to possibly lose your job because of this seller. You’re about to possibly lose your job because of your decision to essentially cause your company to violate Facebook’s Terms of Service by purchasing likes on your company’s behalf without their approval or consent. The seller did exactly what you paid them to do.

I sincerely hope that the seller responds and is able to undo what you paid them to do, though. Either way, I also hope that this will be a lesson learned regarding making decisions on your company’s behalf.

Reply to @nickih: Hi Nicki!

Maybe they should just purchase another gig to remove the likes. I found it hilarious that they mentioned the buyer could:

“either keep the money or put it to another gig …I dont want a refund”.

No refund is deserved as they got exactly what they paid for and I see no reason for the seller not to receive the $5 for the exact order that was delivered (Put it to another gig? Why? Again they think the seller should work for free).

How much do you want to bet placing an order will get the seller’s attention? :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @cheezees: Hey there! I agree – I don’t know why a refund would be offered in this situation. The buyer got exactly what he paid for. The seller really isn’t obligated to fix the buyer’s current mess, but I hope they at least respond since it sounds like someone’s job may be on the line.

Either way, if a gig was required to add the fake likes, I don’t see why a gig wouldn’t be required to undo them! :stuck_out_tongue:

im amazed how many people go for the “Get XXXX likes on facebook” gigs.

Whats the point ? its illegal you know?

Go buy a black hat and do it yourself. I can assure you , its cheaper than $5. Not to mention bots and “REAL USERS” are the SAME THING. There is no way anyone can promise to deliver REAL REAL REAL USERS.

Be smart, be humble , have a great idea/product and the likes will pile up. Dont be a coward and cheat.

Thats my opinion <3 Biancha.

sanchasamara, I think you are totally wrong! Apart from buying fake likes, the work was delivered and after you ask to undo the process - that is simply not fair to seller! You should have thought in advance of all the possible consequences.

Imagine you ask a painter to make your flat completely yellow, and after work is done you come and say “oops, I wanted to make a surprise to my wife, and now she is shocked, can you please make it back as it was before?” And after you begin to tell everyone not to contact the painter, because he haven’t fixed your fault!

Sorry sanchasamara, IMO it is completely your fault, and nothing to blame the seller for!

Imagine you ask a painter to make your flat completely yellow and after the work is done you find that he covered the walls with egg yolks. Hey, it’s yellow and the painter did the work. Nothing wrong with that. Right?

Why are some people blaming the victim here?

Reply to @ricksper: if that refers to my example, the problem is not in egg yolks, but that originally decision was made without wife being aware. Also because the quality of work wasn’t sampled or tested. Will you really let someone to paint your flat without even looking at proposed colors? you will not ask whenever this painting is non-toxic, or water resistant? Will not let him try to paint a WC first? :slight_smile:

That is especially irresponsible in relation to most of SEO gigs here on Fiverr (grey at their best). Like a rapid growth of backlinks from non-moderated blogs may put a new site under filter (get banned by SE). Good enough the TS haven’t made one of these “gifts”.

The victim here is a company! And I may only blame them for making someone lose a job for the reason like FB likes.