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DO NOT BUY FROM virtualtrader

Trade your forex account virtually to make guaranteed profit!! so he says he lost me 595 pounds placing the stupidest orders. Guy doesnt have a clue about trading. He bought lots of 1…what an idiot, very disappointed and out of pocket

First of all, you should leave a negative review explaining your situation.

Secondly, no trade is ever guaranteed to be profitable, as there are too many outside variables that can affect your investment.

Third, contact Action Fraud in the UK and explain your situation, it is unlikely they will ever recover the money, but they can investigate and prevent others falling for such a scam.

Fourth, contact customer support who should be able to investigate the buyer. It’s dubious that he has around 40 reviews from the same person in broken English. Some trading scams fool the customer into signing up to ‘fake’ websites, whereby the owner is the same person offering great returns, when in actual fake, the money is never invested; it’s simply stolen.

Fifth, you shouldn’t call out a persons name on the forum, as it isn’t allowed.

Good luck. £595 is a lot of money.